Polycarbonate high-end Lumia leaks with S810 inside

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A lot of rumors have been floating , regarding the potential future Windows phone flagship, and it couldn’t come soon enough. But things don’t get any clearer as time progresses, instead new and different info 

Sony Xperia C5 Ultra prototype leaked by the Sao Paulo PD

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Sony Xperia C5 Ultra popped up on our radar just recently. Previously known as Lavender, the smartphone leaked in some blurry photos and a piece of the official manual. Its key feature is supposed to 

Samsung announces world-first 1.0μm-pixel, 16MP image sensor

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Smartphones are getting thinner and lighter these days, but smaller form factors bring new problems such as how to design components that maintain the intended smaller size(s). Today, Samsung announced its new, 1.0μm, pixel-based 16MP image 

Early next month Samsung releasing the Galaxy Tab S2 in Taiwan

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Over the past few months we have been extensively covering all developments related to Samsung’s new tablets and the company finally unveiled the Galaxy Tab S2 last week, confirming much of what we had previously 

Samsung patent shows moving smartwatch display

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A new patent was recently unveiled by Patently Mobile according to which Samsung is working on a new smartwatch display that changes its position to accommodate the user. This is a very interesting concept that