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Motorola RAZR to be re-born as a usd1500 foldable smartphone

The Motorola RAZR was very outstanding back in its days. Its aluminum shell and flip-design stood out from the plethora of smartphones being sold then. Currently Motorola (technically Lenovo) is delivering back the RaAZR but in a alternative way. New information say Lenovo will bring back the Motorola RAZR as a foldable phone with a flexible display. A foldable phone yet has a sort of clamshell design, straight? The news of the foldable Motorola RAZR was first announced by The Wall Street Journal and they say it will be quite expensive as it will be estimated at $1500! WSJ also says Lenovo is partnering with Verizon to suggests the device exclusively in the US. It In addition plans to manufacture more than 200,000 units of the smartphone. Not only is the next Motorola RAZR going to be costly, however it will heading moreover be in the world as early as upcoming month in the United States. Samsung’s foldable cameraphone which is currently referred to as the Galaxy F is scheduled to release on February 20, so it is no coincidence that Lenovo is moreover targetting a February release date for its own foldable cameraphone. However, there is a probability the launch date of the Motorola RAZR changes as it hasn’t yet been finalized.

LG V40 ThinQ officially announced, but specs are yet to be confirmed

LG said it will announce its V40 ThinQ flagship on October 3, but the company ended up making this a two part affair. So the LG V40 ThinQ is now officially announced on the company's website, but most of its specs are still a mystery. What LG did reveal is that the handset will feature slimmer bezels than its predecessor and will have a larger 6.4-inch display. The V40 ThinQ will also come in a new flavor - Carmine Red. Judging by the press photos and the teaser video, it will boast soft-touch surface on the back for better grip and overall feel. More importantly, though, LG...

Huawei to release Mate 20 and Nova 4 special editions to celebrate the 200 million shipments

Yesterday we’ve obtained surprised by the news of Huawei’s shipments hitting the 200 million mark in 2018. The achievement was reached despite all the problems that the company had with the US government, and the tepid overall performance of its telephones in the Uncle Sam country, wherever the Chinese company is considered a national security threat. The company’s success was driven by the Huawei P20 series and Mate 20 series since both were effectively received by consumers and industry analysts. 16 million of Huawei P20 series units have been sold, although the Mate 20 series achieved 5 million of shipments since its release in October. Huawei to release mate 20 and nova 4 special editions to celebrate the 200 million shipments To celebrate the achievement, Huawei will uncover special units of its recent releases, Mate 20 and Nova 4 to join the 200 million connected Huawei telephones in the world. He Gan, The president of the company’s smartphone division, made the announcement through its Weibo page. This special edition will be dressed in emerald and will function 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. Huawei will Furthermore suggests a special edition of its in-display camera smartphone, Nova 4, in Secret Red color. Read also: Honor V20 posters confirm it will have 960fps slow-motion recording, 4000mAh battery and extra Both models come with a very unique and special logo on its back that commemorates the 200 million Huawei telephones shipped during this year. The pricing of both smartphones is yet to be announced, but we already know that both units will be out there in China during January 1st at 10:08 local time.

ITSKINS unleashes its range of Galaxy S8 and S8+ cases and bumpers

ITSKINS unveiled its range of Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ cases and bumpers. The Zero Gel ($25 for a two pack) adds the least amount of bulk, but also the least protection - the slim, transparent case is rated for only 1m falls. Spectrum ($20 for one) is where things get more serious - it's translucent too, but has thicker air pockets that can absorb the shock from 2m falls. ITSKINS: Zero Gel • Spectra • Spectra Vision Spectra ($30) is a flip cover with various finishes, imitating carbon fiber or cloth. Spectra Vision (also $30) keeps the flip transparent so you can see...

The new Apple Pencil for the iPad Pros doesn’t support Qi charging

The new iPad Pro 11 and iPad Pro 12.9 (2018) came with a brand new Pencil - that that is incompatible with older tablets. Part of that is the new wireless charging system that replaces the Lightning connector of the first generation pencils. What's interesting about this wireless system is that it is incompatible with Qi charging. That's even though Apple uses Qi on the iPhone, Apple Watch and even the AirPods. The second generation Pencil has two magnet arrays (Halbach array), one on either side of the charging coil, they line up with the magnet arrays on the iPad. This way the...