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New Apple video shows off iPhone X selfie camera

Millions were glued to the TV screens last Sunday for the NFL playoffs and what a perfect time for Apple to release a new TV ad. The video, accompanied by a Muhammad Ali speech, highlights the greatness of the TrueDepth camera of the iPhone X and how the Portrait Mode works to create the artistic photos. The focal point of the 30-second video is Portrait Lighting, which applies artificial studio lighting effects to the face. The video itself is a presentation of different people's selfies, the jump from one image to another perfectly matched to the "I am the Double Greatest" speech by...

Watch the BlackBerry KEY2 announcement livestream here

We saw multiple new devices announced the recent weeks - the new phone season is in full swing. The next big planned announcement is by TCL, the owner of the BlackBerry brand. The Chinese company will introduce the Key2 in New York today at 3PM UK time (10 AM local NY time), and you can watch it below. The BlackBerry Key2 might appear for the first time at an official event, but the full specs sheet already leaked yesterday, including 4G bands, dimensions, preloaded apps, etc. The new phone will have 4.5" panel and will keep the 3:2 ratio we saw in the first iteration - the BlackBerry...

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs. the Galaxy S9: Specs Infographic

Given their familiar design, it's when you look under the hood that the differences between the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ and the Galaxy S9/S9+ become apparent. Check out the infographic below to see how the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ best their predecessors. Source

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Instagram adds new security features, including support for third-party two-factor authenticators

Today Instagram has announced three new security-oriented features, in light of its recent account hacking scandal. First off, an About This Account option will be available on every profile (once you tap on the three-dot menu). This will tell you things such as the date the account joined, the country where it's located, other accounts with shared followers, any username changes in the last year, and any ads it's currently running. This should all help you realize which accounts belong to authentic individuals, and which are just fake news and/or spam bots. In September, people who...