Xiaomi Mi A-series models are the top-selling Android One product

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Xiaomi took an major step towards cementing its place in the global market whenever it released the Mi A1 in 2017. Which made the new A-series stand out was the pure Android operating system that it had onboard. Since then, Xiaomi has gone on to launch the Mi A2 and A3, all inside Google’s Android One project. It has presently emerged that the Mi branded models are an key part of the Android One project. In two several years whenever its release, the A series has achieved superb results.

Xiaomi Mi A-series models are the top-selling Android One

During the Mi A3 release, the manufacturer broadcasted some information, on the progress of the A-series. Data by market research firm Canalys displays that the income quantity of the Mi A1 in 2017 was 2.4 times more than these of another Android One smartphones. In the exactly light, the Mi A2 income when it was introduced in 2018 was still far ahead of other Android One smartphones as the Nokia 3.1, Nokia 6.2 and Motorola One series. On the whole, the company says it has sold higher than 10 million units of the Mi A series.

Xiaomi Mi A-series models are the top-selling Android One 2

We anticipate the Mi A3 to equally be a successful Android One smartphone even though it packs a disappointing HD+ panel. Apart from bringing a native Android operating system, Googe’s Android One project Furthermore brings the latest software improved update and on time.

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