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Alleged photo of Galaxy S9 backplate suggests a single camera setup

We've already seen two leaks of the Samsung Galaxy S9 today. At this point, the 3D-renders left pretty much nothing to the imagination and we pretty much know what to expect with Samsung's upcoming device. While we've already seen the front glass of the device, we're just now taking a look at what the back of the device looks like in another form of (arguably) concrete evidence: live photos. Photos can always be photo shopped, so there's a possibility that the final hardware could differ from what you're seeing here. In any case, this new leak along with the leak of the front...

OneDrive gets new sharing UI on both iOS and Android platforms

Microsoft has introduced a major change in its OneDrive app for mobile platforms. As part of its effort to bring unified sharing experience across all platforms, the company has updated the app with new sharing UI. The new sharing experience - which is already there on the service's Web and desktop versions - is now available on the OneDrive app for Android and is currently rolling out on iOS. You can either wait for the update, or grab the updated app by heading to the Source 1 link below. Source 1 2

LG says unlocked G6 coming soon to US

If you are in the United States and are waiting for the LG G6 to be made available in unlocked form, you might not have to wait for long. A quick look at the company's US website reveals unlocked LG G6 is listed as "coming soon." Sadly, an exact date isn't yet known. Also, not known is the price tag unlocked G6 will carry. But we expect these details to surface sooner than later. As for carrier variants, while most of them are available to pre-order, T-Mobile has already started shipping some pre-orders. Source

Samsung developing denser batteries and slimmer camera sensors for smartphones

Samsung has just announced that it is currently working on newer batteries that have higher energy densities and camera sensors that are thinner than the current ones in order to maker smartphones and tablets even thinner. The South Korean electronics giant has announced that these new technologies will be used in smartphones that will be released in 2017, so there’s still some time for that. (more…)

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