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Samsung Gear S4 to come with bigger battery

We've heard a lot about Samsung's Galaxy Note9 in the last few days so it's time to turn our heads to the upcoming Gear S4. The smartwatch is reportedly being released alongside the Galaxy Note9 with some new tech on board. The source cites that the Korean giant is going to implement a new Panel Level Packaging (PLP) manufacturing process of the chip inside the watch, which relates to the way chips are being integrated on the board. The PLP technology will enable fitting more hardware on a single motherboard. It will also save a few bucks along the way. This means that Samsung is...

prezzo Bomba (€8) Xiaomi Portable Mouse Dual Mode Optical

Original Xiaomi Portable Mouse

Coupon: GBXMouse

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Le caratteristiche:

● Portable and mini mouse fits for travel, office and so on
● Supporting Bluetooth 4.0 / 2.4G dual modes connectivity
● It is powered by 2 AAA batteries ( not included )
● Compatible with Windows 7 / 8 / 10, but Windows 7 system is not fully compatible with Bluetooth

Asus to announce Zenfone 5 on February 27

Back in September Asus said the Zenfone 5 series should be expected in Q1 2018 and today we have an official announcement date. The company scheduled an event on February 27 at MWC 2018 in Barcelona. The new phones are arriving just five months after the Zenfone 4 versions hit the market. Six devices were announced back in August, followed by some more in September. Some rumors suggest that we might see at least three devices - Zenfone 5, Zenfone 5 Lite and Zenfone 5 Max with massive battery. According to the poster, phones should arrive with Snapdragon chipsets. The event will...

New Samsung Galaxy Note 7 pictured with its new iris feature

The Galaxy Note7 craze is spreading like wildfire and by the looks of things, there are now just a few details of the upcoming phablet left unexplored. Sadly, its not the S Pen or the USB port this time around either, but you can still scratch one more item off the list - the Iris scanner. The freshest set of stills shows Samsung's new tech in action. In order for the scanner to register your pupils have to be positioned 25-35 cm away from the phone and also aligned horizontally and vertically. To ease the process, Samsung seems to have included a live view from the selfie shooter with overlaying guidelines, as evident by the second screen, which shows the system in action. If this does turn out to be the workflow for the new Iris tech, it might be impractical for unlocking your device all the time. It might however prove to be a valuable addition to its already KNOX security package. (more…)

Lenovo Z5s gets certified with three cameras on the rear, might sport the Snapdragon 8150 SoC

Lenovo seems to be working on another member of its ever-expanding Z5 family. Following the original Z5 and the Z5 Pro which was announced at the beginning of this month, it looks like a Z5s is in the pipeline. What's more, past rumors said this might be the first smartphone to be powered by the upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon 8150 chipset. The Z5s, model number L78071, has already been certified by TENAA, 3C, and MIIT in China, so its release may only be a matter of weeks now. The phone has three rear cameras, a 6.3-inch display, a 3,210 mAh battery, and probably a water drop...