ZTE patented a phone with punch hole hidden between network icons

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The punch hole design initial surfaced late last year. Expected to be the trend this year, most manufacturers have stuck to notches and pop-up selfie cameras. Most of the smartphones with a punch-hole display have been from the similar manufacturers that pioneered the design and they are Huawei and Samsung. But, 2020 may really be the year of the punch hole like more manufacturers will be adopting the design. ZTE may perhaps be among the adopters too however their design is unlike any we have seen.
ZTE patented a phone with punch hole hidden between network icons

ZTE punch hole patent

A patent filed by the manufacturer at the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) in April 2019 was published a number of days ago. The patent what is for a “display panel, digital camera device, terminal, and display manufacturing method” describes a smartphone with a really small punch hole digital camera.

The size of the hole isn’t the interesting part however where it is located. Instead than placing it in the middle of the screen or in the corner like we have seen on the Galaxy Note 10 and Huawei Nova 5i respectively, the punch hole is nestled between the network and battery icons at the top of the screen. You can yet say it is positioned in the corner but it is various due to the fact the hole is compact and the icons flanking it on each side deliver it less apparent.

ZTE punch hole patent render

LetsGoDigital has produced renders based on the patent description to give us an idea of the design but the final gadget may be varied.

The punch hole design isn’t the only thing about the patent. The description also mentions the phone will not have a traditional earpiece however will use Sound-on-Display tech. We have seen this technology appear on a number of phones such like the LG G8 ThinQ and the Galaxy A80. This tech vibrates the panel to transmit sound and will allow for a extra full-screen product.

The Axon 10 Pro is ZTE’s flagship for 2019. It has an budget price tag that made it a contender for the “flagship killer” title when it launched, runs near-stock Android on the international version, has a curved AMOLED panel, triple digital cameras with optical zoom and support for wireless charging. We anticipate its successor will arrive with much better options and hope it retains its budget value tag.

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