Youtube and Netflix lowering video quality in Europe because of to coronavirus lockdown

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It has been proven that the spread of the dreaded Coronavirus epidemic can be tested is through social isolation. China practised it nicely and European countries are currently adopting social isolation in addition to respectable hygiene in their bid to curb the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic which has now killed more persons in Italy than it did in China.

Thus, in order to avoid internet disruption, European Union officials week ago enjoined streaming platforms to reduce the top quality of their videos so as to reduce the strain on Europe’s infrastructure. There were reports of a spike in data traffic by many carriers across the continent as well like in North America.

Youtube and Netflix lowering video quality in Europe due to coronavirus lockdown

In line with this directive, popular streaming platforms Netflix and YouTube have both noted plans to lower the quality of their videos across the board. Netflix initial announced that it would only stream videos in typical quality like it plays part in ensuring families grounded at home could yet keep up with their favourites movies without any service disruption.

Youtube and Netflix lowering video quality in Europe due to coronavirus lockdown 2

YouTube has equally reported a same shift to stream videos in typical good quality. The move is restricted to Europe as the continent battles the COVID-19 outbreak. In a declaration released by the technology manufacturer, it disclosed that it is “making a commitment to temporarily turn all traffic in the EU to standard definition by default.” Thus, if you are in Europe and notice a drop in video quality without the option of enlarging the top quality, this is the reason

The move is a temporary measure what we believe will be in place until the social isolation efforts yield the desired result. That is, the number of new COVID-19 cases and deaths drop significantly.


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