Xiaomi’s upcoming PC is called the Mi Notebook Pro 2 and it might come with a GTX 1050 graphics card

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Xiaomi’s upcoming pc is called the mi notebook pro 2 and it might come with a gtx 1050 graphics card

One of the products Xiaomi is coming to announce at ChinaJoy on Friday is a fresh laptop. Earlier, we had thought that the fresh computer was a gaming PC however a new teaser hints at it being a successor to the Mi Notebook Pro introduced last year.

The teaser launched last day by the official Weibo account of Xiaomi’s PC line reveals a drawing of a pen, the chemical structure for Benzene, another chemical labeled “Praseodymium”, and a test tube labeled “Oxygen”.

After interpreted, the pen and the benzene are said to mean a “notebook” whereas a combo of the symbols of the second chemical and the oxygen-containing test tube gives you “Pr + O2 = Pro 2”. Hence the conclusion that the product is the Mi Notebook Pro 2.

Apart from that, the account In addition released an additional teaser. This period it reveals a backlit keyboard with the navigation keys 3, 8, C and J highlighted orange. The highlighted navigation keys are said to point at the launch what is on the 3rd of August (8th month) and the venue what is at ChinaJoy.

Most than the picture, the caption for the image also holds a hidden message. The caption mentions a string of muddled up characters that holds a secret to the new gadget. The characters are “!)%)” and they share the similar navigation keys with the numbers “1050” on the keyboard.

Xiaomi’s upcoming pc is called the mi notebook pro 2 and it might come with a gtx 1050 graphics card

It has been interpreted that the above digits hints at the Mi Notebook Pro 2 approaching with an Nvidia GTX 1050 graphics card. This is an upgrade when in comparison to the MX150 in the original Mi Notebook Pro.

Together the PC, Xiaomi will In addition announce a customized version of the Mi Band 3.

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