Xiaomi to launch the MIJIA Smart Video Doorbell 2 upcoming week

March 6th, 2020   Penny Snow   news Tags: ,

Xiaomi Presently announced a fresh smart product – the MIJIA Smart Video Doorbell 2.

The product is coming to be unveiled inside the Youpin crowdfunding platform at 10 AM on March 11. During the exercise, it will retail for 179 yuan ($25) however the value will thereafter be adjusted to 199 yuan($28).

Xiaomi to launch the MIJIA Smart Video Doorbell 2 next week

The company only unveiled a teaser video what contained the device. From the video, we can grab that this model will arrive in black color. It looks to be an upgrade of the smart doorbell released inside crowdfunding last year famous as Zero Smart Doorbell. This model has a larger form factor, adopting a rectangular shape that is longer than its predecessor.

Xiaomi to launch the MIJIA Smart Video Doorbell 2 next week 2

The design is even far more minimalist and does a decent job of masking the camera, making it appear as an common doorbell. The hardware and software are topnotch, as it sports an AI-enabled digital camera what allows you to monitor your home front. The AI deploys this sort of attributes as facial recognition function. There is Furthermore motion detection such that if there is someone at the door, the digital camera will snap and send to your connected cameraphone. The doorbell can Furthermore be linked with another AIoT products from Xiaomi as the smart touchscreen speaker and others. Whenever connected, you can use the touchscreen speaker’s screen panel to sight who’s at the door in real-time.mijia-smart-doorbell-2

Just below the digital camera is an oval doorbell button. There is equally a square-shaped portable doorbell receiver which is placed indoors. We believe the doorbell will yet have an adhesive pad for mounting it outside.

On the whole, this seems to be as a trimmed-down version rather than an upgrade as the white version appears sleek and cooler. We’ll bring you much more details when the gadget is released.


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