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Apple unveils new iMac Pro, refreshes MacBooks and iMacs

No new Mac Pros today - it's all about the iMac! Apple has major updates in store for the All-in-One computer, including a new iMac Pro, which will become Apple's most powerful Mac. But that's coming later, let's start with the new iMacs and also cover the MacBook refresh. iMacs An eye-catching feature - literally - are Apple's best displays, ever! They are 43% brighter than the previous generation (up to 500 nits) and feature 10-bit dithering (so 8-bit panels simulating 1 billion colors). These iMacs will be much faster than the previous generation. They use Intel's new Kaby...

Sprint starts selling HTC U11 for $696

The HTC U11 is now also available from Sprint in the US. A quick look at the device's listing on the carrier's website reveals a $696 price tag. Alternatively, you can also pay zero down followed by 24 monthly payments of $29 each. Color options include black and blue. The handset (unlocked model) is already available from Amazon, which has it listed for $649. Color options are silver, black, and blue. HTC's own online store has the phone listed for $649, but orders placed there will start shipping in 2-4 weeks. Source | Via

Google Pixel 2 XL review

Google has come a long way since the days of Nexus smartphones. This is only the second iteration of the Google Pixel and it shows how much Google's software and hardware have evolved in the past year. Both Pixel smartphones got a refined, yet simpler appearance. This review is specifically for the larger Pixel 2 XL. We'll be reviewing the smaller Pixel 2, separately.

Android Oreo ROM unofficially ported to the Galaxy S7 edge

If you recall a few days ago, someone in Vietnam accidentally received an Android Oreo update to their Galaxy S7 edge, complete with the same Samsung Experience 9.0 that is already rolling out to the Galaxy S8 and S8+. Well, it turns out that more than one person got that same update in Vietnam, and one of them offered a system and kernel dump so that a flashable ROM could be made for folks with the Exynos-powered S7 edge with an unlocked bootloader. Thanks to this dump of information, a member of XDA-Developers was able to quickly compile a functional ROM that is based off of the...

Samsung unveils second-gen LPDDR4X chips with 16 gigabit capacity

Samsung introduced its LPDDR5 RAM, but there's still room in the market for the older standard - LPDDR4X. Today the company unveils the second generation of 4X chips, which deliver 4,266 megabits per second. These are 16 gigabit chips - that's 2GB per chip, compared to 1GB for the LPDDR5. This means only four of them are needed for the 8GB package that Samsung created, which saves on price (LPDDR5 needs eight chips for that capacity). Also, second-gen LPDDR4X uses 10% less power than the first-gen and the new 8GB package and is 20% thinner than one using the older 4X chips. This is...