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Oppo R15 and R15 Pro hands-on review

Oppo just announced its R15 flagship duo, which not only represents the latest and greatest from the world's fifth largest manufacturer, but also comes to show what to expect from OnePlus and Vivo - the other two in BBK Electronics' smartphone trifecta.

Google is offering Pixel XL as replacement for defective Nexus 6P units

Google is offering users with defective Nexus 6P units (purchased directly from the company's online store) a brand new Pixel XL smartphone as replacement. This has been reportedly going on for some time now, but came to light recently. Even units out of the original 1-year warranty are eligible for the upgrade. It's worth mentioning that whether or not you'll get a Pixel XL as replacement depends on your region. Reportedly, those in the US and Canada are definitely getting it, while users in UK aren't lucky enough (it's a hit and miss there actually). Australians, on the other hand,...

LG to reportedly launch its 5G phone under new branding

5G tech is set to go mainstream this year and numerous phone manufacturers have already earlier that they are working on developing gadgets what are 5G-compatible.

LG 5G roadmap

Although Samsung and OnePlus are said to be among the initial companies to launch a 5G-enabled telephone, LG is not far behind. The South Korean company is Additionally working on a 5G phone which will be released later this year. A handset release roadmap from LG shows that the LG G8 won’t be the company’s initially 5G smartphone. The company will be launching its 5G cameraphone under fresh branding. This will enable the manufacturer to position the device appropriately and design a targeted marking campaign.

LG 5G smartphone release date

Whereas an earlier report claimed that the LG will launch its 5G telephone in South Korea and the United States in May perhaps 2019, a new device launch roadmap suggests that the product could get launch a month or 2 announced than expected. Despite the company raking up massive losses, it believes stuff will obtain better. The company is hope lies on the 5G revolution. Earlier, president of LG’s mobile division, Hwang Jeong-Hwan, said that LG is one of three manufacturers equipped to launch a 5G-ready cameraphone after 5G roll-out begins. Read also: Samsung’s initially gaming phone reportedly in works with custom GPU The manufacturer believes that the headstart in the 5G market must increase the company’s sales in the first half of 2019. The manufacturer presently has a contract with Sprint which will look at it release the carrier’s first 5G “shiny and distinct” telephone in the initial half of 2019. It is presently in talks with other network carriers in South Korea, Europe and the United States for its 5G handset.

BlackBerry KEYone gets price cut in UK

If you are in the UK, and are planning to purchase the BlackBerry KEYone, you'll be glad to know the device is currently available at discounted rates in the country. Specifically, retailer Carphone Warehouse has the phone listed on its website for £449. That, if you compare is a discount of £50 given that the phone usually goes for £499. A quick look at KEYone listings on other retailers reveals only Carphone is currently offering this discount. The deal is available on the SIM-free version. No information on when the offer ends. For more details, head to the Source link...

Qualcomm: iPhone ban in China not tied to OS version, takes effect immediately

Qualcomm is disputing Apple's claims about the iPhone sales ban in China that affected last year's models (iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus) and older ones going back to the iPhone 6s. Apple statement said that all iPhone models remain available and that iOS 12 doesn't infringe on the software patents in question. Qualcomm clarifies that the court's ban isn't specific to an OS version, so it applies even to phones updated to iOS 12. As for Apple's other claim, this preliminary injunction apparently came info effect immediately. Apple is already appealing the ruling, but the ban remains in...