Xiaomi R1 with Full Show Design Surfaces in Flowed out Photos

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In the previous week, a render of the curious Xiaomi R1 cameraphone had shown. This cameraphone is speculated to first public appearance as the initially product from the still to be announced “R” series. Today, fresh Pictures of the alleged R1 have emerged. Individuals pictures resemble with the design of the R1’s render from last week.

Xiaomi r1 with full show design surfaces in flowed out photos

As it can be seen in the more than shots, the design of the phone cannot be properly seen since it is placed inside a case. On the other hand, what can be simply seen is that the phone is sporting a full present design and style that might carry support for an aspect ratio 18:9. The cutouts for the sensors on the upper bezel of the cameraphone offer that it might function dual selfie snappers. Additionally, it may be fitted with a rear-mounted fingerprint reader

Xiaomi r1 with full show design surfaces in flowed out photos

The topside of the R1 has a 3.5mm headset jack and the backside side options a microUSB port placed between a pair of external speakers. As of this writing, the technical specs of the alleged R1 are not famous. Also, it is not Indeed whether the smartphone will be introduced this year. What’s known is that it will be priced about 1,499 Yuan (~$227).

Theories have it that Xiaomi will be introducing the new “R” series to rival with OPPO and Vivo smartphones. We advise our readers to take the report with a pinch of salt and wait for newer reports to confirm on the existence of the Xiaomi R1.


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