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Samsung Galaxy S8+ teardown reveals poor repairability

Samsung's Galaxy S8 and S8+ are finally becoming available this week, following a long hype period. To get you in the mood for picking up one, or receiving your pre-ordered unit, the folks over at iFixit have done what they do best. Namely, they've decided to take apart an S8+ and let us know how easy it would be to repair. Spoiler alert: not very. The device has scored a measly 4 out of 10 on the repairability scale, where 10 is easiest to repair. The phone's use of front and back glass means there's double the chance you crack something, and these glass panels are held in place by strong...

Huawei could unveil Mate Xs; will host Flagship Launch occasion on 24th February

In the wake of the MWC 2020 being canceled in Barcelona, a lot of OEMs are now looking at independent methods of promotion. The Mobile World Congress is a key event in which company’s across the globe host their respective launch events or concept teasers. Thus, the cancellation leaves a gap between the expectations of the guys and the varied brands. Hence, Huawei is presently planning on hosting a extra special launch event on the 24th of February 2020. As claimed by to a series of Weibo posts (Chinese microblogging website) from Huawei, the company targets on hosting a extra special release occasion. The 3 posts what were broadcasted arrive in fast succession and unveiled that 3 varied flagship products will be unveiled at the conference. These have a smartphone, a tablet, and a notebook like well. From what we know so far, the flagship launches are expected to be the Huawei Mate Xs, Huawei Matepad Pro 5G and the 2020 Mate X Pro. Huawei may unveil Mate Xs; will host Flagship Launch event on 24th February 3 The Mate Xs is likely to be the signature launch in this occasion as it has been highly anticipated and hyped phones. It will be the successor to the original Mate X what was unveiled in 2019 and will function improvements across the board. Previously, Sure details regarding the up coming foldable phone were unveiled to be an improvement on the hinge mechanism, a faster processor (Kirin 990 5G SoC) and a improved flexible screen. Huawei may unveil Mate Xs; will host Flagship Launch event on 24th February Furthermore, the MatePad Pro 5G and the Mate X Pro are other welcomed entries from Huawei. The former will feature 5G networking what is still uncommon in the tablet market although the latter will be a laptop sporting the latest hardware which is now in the world. So stay tuned for the launch event and any additional information as effectively. Via

Google Pixel 4 with Snapdragon 855 seems to be on GeekBench

A mysterious Google device that goes by the name “Google coral” has been spotted on Geekbench. The model is apparently one of the flagship models the manufacturer will be releasing this year as it is listed to run the yet to be announced Android Q OS. Android Q is yet to even get into the beta testing phase. So this might be an Alpha build of the Pixel 4 what will heading be the initial device that would feature Google’s next-generation running system – Android Q. The processor at the heart of the device wasn’t uncovered. Instead, it is just listed as “coral”. However, the GeekBench score bares it all as possibly Qualcomm’s most recent Sd 855 chipset. The single core test core of 3296 and multi-core score of 9235 are both up to 10% higher than the Snapdragon 845 chipset on the Pixel 3. Read also: Essential Smartphone update brings October security patch and notch settings The Google coral is also listed with 6GB of RAM meaning we may perhaps view up to 8GB or extra on the topmost variant. There are also speculations that this could be a fresh Chromebook model in the works. We’ll have to wait for an official confirmation to have idea same which this is. Source, via

Xiaomi Mi 8 review

Announced less than a month ago and selling like hotcakes in its homeland, the Mi 8 is Xiaomi's latest top model. What happened to the Mi 7, you ask? Well, it's the company's 8-year anniversary, and it must be celebrated.

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