Xiaomi patents fresh design for other smartphone with a surround display

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The phone industry saw a few fairly notable innovations in the year 2019. 5G advancements saw the inclusion of the newer and faster bandwidth whereas foldable smartphones became a reality. Currently, Xiaomi is allegedly making a cameraphone with a panel that almost completely covers the phone body, as claimed by patents.

Xiaomi patents new design for another smartphone with a surround display 2

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha is a concept phone with a similar design to the patents that were recently revealed. But, a number of points can be discerned even though searching at the patents. Unlike the Mi Mix Alpha, the patented product has yet to be developed and is yet unconfirmed or at conceptual stages at suitable.

Xiaomi patents new design for another smartphone with a surround display

The Mi Mix Alpha was the initial smartphone to have a surround display that covered most of the handset’s body. Hence, the newer gadget could follow the exact philosophy however could be made for mass-producing; since the Mi Mix Alpha will only be priced in limited numbers since it is a concept cameraphone.
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Looking at the design patents, the smartphone is visually distinct from the Mi Mix Alpha however also has the display cover the front panel and most of the rear display. The patented smartphone In addition carries a form factor that resembles that of a book. To further differentiate the device from the already current Mi Mix Alpha, various materials can be used to manufacture it.

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Noted builds of the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha had plastic materials for its panel. Due to the fact then, the Chinese tech giant has confirmed that future iterations will come with flexible glass display technology. However like it stands straight currently, the design of the unique screen of the cameraphone yet needs work and improvements to be made on viability, strength and more.


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