Xiaomi MIJIA Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C unveiled for $183 (1299 yuan)

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It is 9 years because Xiaomi started launching products inside the MIJIA platform. We could have lost count of the products however the brand identity is so strong that almost every gadget turns out to be popular. The MIJIA Robot Vacuum series is a nice example. Initial released a couple of several years, the native version has remained outstanding and a hot-selling device no matter getting a couple of successors. Xiaomi has currently introduced still, additional successive model dubbed MIJIA Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C. The device is already out there to reservation on Xiaomi Mall for 1299 yuan ($183).

MIJIA Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C launched for 1299 yuan ($183) 2

The MIJIA Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C is supplied with a built-in smart electronic control water tank and has a fantastic 2500Pa suction power. The enhancements on the fresh robot Vacuum Cleaner extends instantly from the navigation system like the model is equipped with a high-speed visual navigation system what facilitates the collection of include points at a speed of 30,000/s. This helps to quickly capture coordinate reports, extract complex spatial features, and create faster and extra proper maps. The visual navigation teams up with a dual gyroscope and the optical flow sensor with multiple auxiliary positioning. So it could get the position reports extra accurately and completely.

MIJIA Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C launched for 1299 yuan ($183) 3

It also uses a professional Omnivision digital camera sensor to simulate the neural network algorithm. Combined with a path calculation speed of 50 times/second, the robot could maintain a dynamic survey during the journey. This brings precision, accuracy and efficiency to the map drawing.
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MIJIA Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C launched for 1299 yuan ($183) 4

Talking of the hardware, the Mijia Robot Vacuum cleaner is fueled by a CortexTM-A7 Quad-core information, processing chip like effectively as a Dual-core Mali-400 Picture Processing Unit. It also deploys the VSLAM algorithm what provides it more computing power. It could locate the similar position of the robot in real-time and intelligently draw the working path. For suction, it uses a Japanese powerful brushless motor of NIDEC with strong suction of 2500Pa. This is higher than the suction power of the MIJIA Robot Vacuum cleaner Laser Detection Variant that was unveiled week ago with 2100Pa suction power. MIJIA Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C

MIJIA Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C launched for 1299 yuan ($183) 5

Furthermore, the MIJIA Robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 200ml smart electronically-controlled water tank. The water output during operation is automatically controlled whenever the vacuum cleaner is working. This keeps the floor protected and the water is used smartly and economically.MIJIA Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C

MIJIA Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C launched for 1299 yuan ($183)

Additionally crammed under the round fuselage are 15 different high-precision sensors. The sensors allow the robot vacuum to be much better adapted to the environment, avoid slipping, collision and obstacles, among additional functions.

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