Xiaomi MIJIA Has Shoes 3 is out

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Xiaomi has unveiled the MIJIA Is Shoes 3, the third-generation model of its smart incorporates shoes. The packs sneakers is expected to go on sale today. MIJIA Has Shoes 3

Xiaomi launches the MIJIA Sports Shoes 3 3

The MIJIA Incorporates Shoes 3 design is quite same to that of the Has Shoes 2 that was introduced last year. Xiaomi brought some enhancement to the Uni-moulding production product used in manufacturing the sole of the shoes. A fresh Uni-Mounding 2.0 work process was utilised what is an improved technology from the one used on the MIJIA ports Shoes 2. In this case, 6different materials and layers were bonded into one single sole. Each of the layers is separated using a thin polyurethane film pressed and bonded. Because the components are pressed together with the mould, the appearance of the components will appear to be cleaner than the mediocre manual glue combination, and the probability of the glue opening up is Additionally highly reduced. The new uni-Moulding 2.0 process also gives even improved stability and support to the feet. This process combines the characteristics of the assorted materials to meet the needs of alternative sporting use. The second-generation variant fuses 5 assorted layers and types of materials are fused into a single mould. MIJIA Is Shoes 3
Xiaomi launches the MIJIA Sports Shoes 3 2

The front of the shoes uses a popcorn cloud midsole to increase the rebound feedback required by the forefoot during sporting activities. The back of the palm uses the FREE FORCE technology midsole, which provides the back of the feet sufficient cushioning demand during exercise.

Xiaomi launches the MIJIA Sports Shoes 3

In order to better support the contours of the foot, Xiaomi has completely upgraded the fishbone system in use under the shoes. In this case, 10 fish bones are linked together using the TPU injection process to form a 360° locking system. It ensures the support of the shoe body to the foot during exercise.MIJIA Is made up of Shoes 3

Further, the upper part of the Mi Men’s Includes Shoes 2 is manufactured using a three-dimensional seamless high-elastic knitting process. The entire upper part uses just one seam thus minimizing foreign body sensation. The material is fairly durable these types of that you could throw in the sneakers into the washing machine without having fear of it having damaged. It ships with a reflective lace and body making, keeping the user to oncoming traffic visible at night.


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