Xiaomi Mijia F1 Air Purifier could well remove H1N1 influenza viruses

March 23rd, 2020   Penny Snow   news Tags: ,

Today, Xiaomi’s Mijia brand announced a fresh air purifier. The fresh Mijia F1 Air Purifier is one of the number of air purifiers in the market that could effectively remove H1N1 influenza viruses.

Xiaomi Mijia F1 Air Purifier can effectively remove H1N1 influenza viruses

The Mijia F1 Air Purifier has a tower design with a circular AMOLED panel in front that displays info such as air quality. It supports voice control via the XiaoAI assistant, so you can control it from any of your another smart home products such as smartphones, smart TVs, smart speakers, and smart displays that have XiaoAI built-in.

Xiaomi Mijia F1 Air Purifier can effectively remove H1N1 influenza viruses 2

It has a clean air delivery rate (CADR) of 400m³/hr and delivers up to 6,660 liters of clean air per hour. Mijia says it has a high-quality DC motor that is quieter and extra energy efficient compared to the previous generation. It moreover has a sleep mode which further more reduces the sound of the motor to as small like 34.8dB

The filter has three layers that remove different sizes of impurities such as hair, pollen, and PM 0.3 to PM2.5 particles. The replacement cycle for the filter is between 3 to 6 months.

The Mijia F1 Air Purifier is estimated at ¥1199 (~$) and will go on sale on March 27 at 10 AM.

In related reports, Xiaomi has created formal Weibo accounts for its washing machines and refrigerators strains and both pages have broadcasted posts that hint at first models expected soon.
Xiaomi Washing Machine
Xiaomi Refrigerator

Even though there are number of washing machines and refrigerators made by companies inside Xiaomi’s ecosystem, Xiaomi does not have its own branded washing machines and refrigerators however that need to change soon since it has developed Weibo accounts for the two smartphone lines.


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