Xiaomi MIJIA Air Purifier 3

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Xiaomi has launched the MIJIA Air Purifier 3, the third generation of the well known air purifier that was first released in 2014. The product is jointly manufactured by Xiaomi and Zhimi. The device ships with some enhancements over its previous models and takes the functionality to a various level. It is offered at 899 yuan (around $127).Xiaomi Mijia Air Purifier 3

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In comparison with the previous generation, the air system of Mijia Air Purifier 3 has been redesigned to output far more air volume without having changing the volume of the product. It could Supply 6660L of clean air per minute.Xiaomi Mijia Air Purifier 3

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The optimization of the airway system In addition increased the CADR price of the particulate matter of Mijia Air Purifier 3 by 29% to 400m3/h, and the applicable area increased by from 37m2 to 48m2, what could basically meet the needs of small-sized families.

Xiaomi MIJIA Air Purifier 3 3

In addition to the improvements in experience, the operating sound of the Mijia Air Purifier 3 still remains low. The running noise address is 32.1dB(A), what won’t interfere with your sleep at night. The maximum power of operation is only 38W.

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In terms of design, the Mijia Air Purifier 3 continues the spherical OLED display screen of the previous generation, what gives several indoor air data these types of as temperature, humidity, real-time PM2.5 price, like nicely like the purifier running status, network connection status and additional reports. The key difference is that the Mijia Air Purifier 3 has its control buttons integrated into the OLED panel, away from the top of the fuselage. In this way, the button doesn’t interfere with the air outlet. The buttons are surrounded by a three-color convertible light ring that reflects the inside air quality.

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On the another hand, the Mijia Air Purifier 3 Furthermore integrates the wind speed adjustment feature of the Mijia Air Purifier MAX. In addition to the original favorite sleep, and automatic speed controls, there are Additionally low-speed, medium-speed, and high-speed controls, giving users extra features to consider from.

Further, the fresh air purifier has a micro-scale laser particle scanner that could detect micron-sized nice particles and send feedback of the inside air quality changes in real-time. When the device is in automatic mode, it will also actively adjust to get improved purification effect.

Mijia Air Purifier 3 could moreover be connected to Mijia APP and Xiaoai AI voice control system to feature together additional connected smart home gadgets like the Zhimi full DC inverter air conditioner, Zhimi sterilization humidifier, Zhimi innovative air system etc. Vital information this kind of like the state of the filter element could In addition be displayed in the Mijia APP.

The MIJIA Air Purifier 3 is already on pre-sale on Mi Mall and will be released officially on August 16.

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