Xiaomi Mi Smart Dashcam 2K released

May 25th, 2020   Penny Snow   news Tags:

Announced today (25th Could 2020), Xiaomi formally unveiled the Mi Smart Dashcam 2K. As the name suggests, it is a fresh dashcam for your automobile with a design akin to a standard camera.

The gadget is valued at 399 Yuan (roughly 56 US Dollars) and could be purchased from JD.com.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Dashcam 2K 2

The Mi Smart Dashcam 2K is the second entry in the series from Xiaomi. It brings assorted improvements in image high quality over its predecessor and could even record videos at high resolution, up to 1600p. This is just above the 1440p resolution for 2K and is enabled through the camera’s OV OS05A10 back-illuminated image scanner. This scanner has an f/1.8 aperture.

This large aperture permits an ample volume of light to be taken in by the scanner, what helps to improve both image quality and functionality during low light outlines. Moreover, the dashcam has a super wide-angle lens with a 140-degree wide field of sight. This would technically allow users to cover all 3 lanes, reducing the blind spot in the general video capture.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Dashcam 2K

The Mi Smart Dashcam 2K incorporates a 3-inch IPS display on the rear. This display displays the footage in real-time. The device Furthermore supports intelligent voice control, allowing users to relay commands as recording a video or taking a image directly. Xiaomi has Furthermore placed an emphasis on clearing up the picture quality with much better 3D noise reduction technology and WDR (wide dynamic technology). The picture created is made from multiple frames to contrast the photographs for the suitable achievement.


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