Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 vs Meizu Zero vs Oppo Find X

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Xiaomi mi mix 3 vs meizu zero vs oppo find x

2018 was the year of aesthetic innovations in the cameraphones world and the trend is continuing even in 2019. Minimalism in the design became one of the most important priorities of handsets manufacturers and the new Meizu Zero is a perfect example of it. The Chinese company reported a smartphone without having ports, without speakers, and without physical navigation keys in order to guarantee a totally clean design. Here, we will compare the fresh flagships with 2 other smartphones having an fresh design launched in the last year: Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 and Oppo Find X.


In my opinion, Meizu Zero is the most fresh and lovely smartphone whenever it comes to aesthetics because it has the cleanest design without having needing a slider design nor a notch. It does not have any port and it receives charged via Qi wireless charging, although data transfer happens through WiFi or information, networks. It does not have physical keys which are replaced by touch controls at the side, and it does not even have a speaker thanks to the piezoelectric transductor in the panel bringing the audio. It does not even have a SIM tray as it supports the eSIM. Further more, it has the perfect build good quality and it is wholy waterproof and dustproof because of to the IP68 certification.


Sadly we yet have with no possibility to test the display of the Meizu Zero because it is yet not in the market, however on the paper, the display of Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 appears better because of the HDR tech making colors appear extra realistic. It is In addition protected by Gorilla Glass 5. On the other hand, Oppo Find X has slimmer bezels around the panel and this might result better for guys who care a ton about the front design. Meizu Zero has thicker bezels, however unlike the Oppo Find X, it does not need a motorized slider housing the sensors and the front sensor.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 vs Meizu Zero vs Oppo Find X: Specs Comparison

Xiaomi mi mix 3 vs meizu zero vs oppo find x

All individuals phones arrive with the same chipset, so you must not expect a significative change in their performances. Whatever you choose, you will take a Really fast and soft phone in every scenario, which include gaming and the most-demanding multi-tasking. Note that Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 comes with up to 10 GB of RAM, whereas Oppo Find X does not and we still do not have idea the configurations in what Meizu Zero will be in the world as the manufacturer did not tell all the specification of the smartphone. So Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 could well be the most best smartphone for heavy usage patterns.

Digital camera

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 has the most convincing rear sensor, at least on the paper. It is a dual camera sensor with a 12 MP resolution and an f/1.8 aperture, and it supports both OIS and dual pixel autofocus. Even the front cameras seem to be much better: they consist of 2 sensors with 24 and 2 MP (the secondary one is a depth sensor, although in the rear camera it is a telephoto lens), paired with a front-facing LED flash.


Sadly Meizu did not tell the battery capacity of the new Zero. Given the lack of ports, there might be extra space for the battery, but we have with no idea whether or not it will be huge. Meanwhile, Oppo Find X has a long-lasting 3730 mAh, even though Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 has an common 3200 mAh piece that is not in a position to last as long as its opponent. Note that Meizu Zero cannot be charged via a USB port, so the charging process is slower.

Price tag

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is an cheap flagship carrying a ?560 price tag in the global market, Oppo Find X was introduced with a starting price of ?770, while we yet do not know after Meizu Zero will hit the shelves, neither its cost. Personally, I believe that Meizu Zero is a Quite innovative smartphone but it is yet not so best for day-to-day use. 18W wireless charging is still too sluggish for modern standards and piezoelectric speakers are yet too poor in terms of audio experience, so I would not be so comfortable with a smartphone which includes that. Unless it ships with an cheap price. However it is still a outstanding experiment and we enjoy it a lot, hoping that Meizu and other Chinese brands will keep innovating like that. The winner of the comparison is the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 thanks to its extra budget cost tag, phenomenal camera overall performance, and fantastic display, but few might like the Oppo Find X more thanks to its greater battery, narrow bezels and its more innovative motorized slider.

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Meizu Zero vs Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 vs Oppo Find X: PRO and CONS

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3


Full borderless design
Well known hardware
Amazing camera
Inexpensive value


Smaller battery

Meizu Zero


Portless, speakerless, keyless
Great ceramic design
Wireless charging
Good hardware



Oppo Find X


Motorized slider design
High screen-to-body ratio
Remarkable hardware
Greater battery



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