Xiaomi mi electric kettle review

Xiaomi Mi Electric Kettle review – just a smart gadget or professional cooking tool?

Xiaomi mi electric kettle reviewHi guys,

Today will introduce you to a new device from Xiaomi – Mi Electric Kettle.

As you know Xiaomi is a leader in smart market in China. Today I want to introduce you Smart Bluetooth kettle.


  • Voltage (V): 220V
  • Power (W): 1800W
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Capacity (ML): 1.5L

Xiaomi mi electric kettle review

  • Product weight: 1.240 kg
  • Package weight: 1.730 kg
  • Package size (L x W x H): 25.00 x 16.00 x 26.00 cm
  • Triple security protection: Prevent electric shock, no electric leakage and auto power off.
  • Constant temperature control time can be up to 12hrs.

Xiaomi mi electric kettle review

  • Double 304 stainless steel inner layer, heat insulation design gives more safe protection.
  • 360 degree swivel power base provides durable use and convenience.

I wont tell you how great the mikettle heat the water because it is a kettle Xiaomi mi electric kettle review
But instead will show you how this smart device can be used in many other then tee, coffee warmer.
So let you first tell you why I bought this kettle.
I have a boy – 1 month old and I needed to warm the breast milk.
i went to local baby store and bought some milk warmer for EUR 50 (most expensive in the shop).
Anyway at home I decided to test it first so I follow the instructions and started the warmer with a baby bottle inside.
After program completed the bottle was too hot so I checked the temp.
It was 55 degree! When it should not be higher then 40!
Anyway I returned the warmer to the shop and the way to home I remember that a friend of mine have this Mi Kettle.
I know that the Kettle has smart temperature control so I borrowed it for a test.

Mi kettle pairing

To access Xiaomi kettle you need to download Mi Home app from google play.
Also you need to make Xiaomi account (if you don’t already).
First time you start the app it ask you for Locale you NEED to choose China mainland.

Xiaomi mi electric kettle review

After that click on the + (add) button (you’ll phone Bluetooth must be ON).

Xiaomi mi electric kettle review

Your Mikettle Bluetooth device should be there (sorry it’s in Chinese language but have pics Xiaomi mi electric kettle review

Xiaomi mi electric kettle reviewXiaomi mi electric kettle review

After selecting the device you’ll have to confirm pairing with holding the smart button (2) on the Kettle for 3sec.

Xiaomi mi electric kettle review

This is the right time to mention that Button 1 is for boiling only.
Button 2 is smart button. It starts the program set in Mi Home app.

A sound confirms pairing.
After that you’ll see this:

Xiaomi mi electric kettle review

With the upper slider you can set how long the Kettle will hold the desired temperature from 1 to 12 hours!
Bellow you can set the temperature with tap on the pic or using the slider.
The two curves on the bottom are temperature curves.
If you choose the first one the Kettle will rise the temp to boiling temp and after that will leave it cool to desired temp.
It useful for some king of tees.
Anyway I prefer the second curve.
In that mode Kettle rise the temperature to desired and holding this temp for desired time.

If you still have problems with you can download Xiaomi smart kettle manual English

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So in my case I wanted to warm the milk so I fill the Mi Kettle to the minimum level with water and I put the plastic bag with milk inside.
I used the pic with baby bottle (50 degree) and leave it for exact 2:30min.
The temp of the milk was perfect!

i was really exited what else i can do with this device.
So I decide to make a poached egg.
I knew that the perfect temp for this type of cooking is 75 degree.
So I took one XXL egg:

Xiaomi mi electric kettle review

Put it in plastic foil, started the Mi Kettle and when it reached 75 degree I put the egg inside for 15min.
What was the result?
Check yourself:

Xiaomi mi electric kettle review

The perfect poached egg Xiaomi mi electric kettle review

Beside eggs you can cook anything because the Kettle is just like Xiaomi Sous vide

Xiaomi mikettle PRO and CONS


  • great price
  • can keep desired temperature up to 12h
  • Sleek design

The cons are:

  • Cant start the Kettle from the phone
  • Xiaomi should include build-in small battery to keep the Bluetooth connection even when the kettle is not on the stand.

To conclude my Xiaomi kettle review, I can say this Kettle is really nice to have device!

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