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Weekly poll: how much storage is enough?

4K videos, AAA games, lossless music, things add up quickly and if the result is more gigabytes than you have in your phone, then you have to do the cursed "storage shuffle" dance. Sure, a microSD card slot can tilt things in your favor but those are far less common today than a few years ago. Plus, flash storage prices have been falling recently, so how come there are still plenty of 16GB and 32GB phones around? The worst thing about this is that it's not a one time concern, but instead something to think about each time you upgrade. Each new phone has to have equal more more storage...

Xiaomi Pocophone F1 flexes high score at AnTuTu benchmark

The upcoming Xiaomi Pocophone F1 has passed through the AnTuTu benchmark, posting an impressive 285k result - as per the leaked screenshot below. The benchmark shows the device as the Poco F1, leaving little doubt as to which device it is. Xiaomi Pocophone F1 on AnTuTu The screenshot doesn't outright show the chipset but the score itself puts it in Snapdragon 845 territory - as earlier reports have suggested. It outshines the likes of the OnePlus 6's AnTuTu score. There's still no word on when we can expect the Xiaomi Pocophone F1, but we know it will be among (if not) the...

Essential Camera app update brings new Tiny Planet mode, selfie flash

Essential has pushed out a new update to its Camera app, bumping its version to The update brings a couple of major changes, including new Tiny Planet mode and selfie flash. Starting with the new mode, the feature - which is currently in beta - lets you view all your 360-degree photos and videos as Tiny Planets with just a tap. Here's an example: Get your selfie look ready. We just released an update to Essential Camera app that adds flash for the selfie camera, Tiny Planet mode (beta) for 360° photos and videos, and stability fixes. Download it now:

Huawei P30 and Huawei P30 Pro look stun in HD renders

We have just 5 days before the release of the Huawei P30 and Huawei P30 Pro however nothing appears to be hidden anymore about the phones. We already know their specifications, how much they will sell for (at least in Europe), and we have seen how incredible the digital cameras perform. What we have today are HD renders of both phones for you to drool more than. The photos which were broadcasted by Evan Blass (@evleaks) show the Huawei P30 and Huawei P30 Pro in all the colours they will be available in. Few of the images even confirm the free gifts what Huawei will ship with the phones what is made up of the Sonos One speaker and Huawei’s own wireless charger. Judging from the pictures, it appears to be only the P30 Pro receives a wireless charger. Huawei p30 and huawei p30 pro look stun in hd rendersHuawei p30 and huawei p30 pro look stun in hd renders The P30 Pro and P30 do not differ only with respect to the number of digital cameras. If you get a close look at both, you will look at the Pro appears to be to have a narrow top bezel in comparison to the non-Pro model. It Furthermore has a curved panel and no slit in the frame for the speaker. There are news it will emit sound via its OLED panel just which includes the LG G8 ThinQ. Huawei p30 and huawei p30 pro look stun in hd rendersHuawei p30 and huawei p30 pro look stun in hd renders The Huawei P30 Pro will arrive in Midnight Black, Breathing Crystal (which is super gorgeous), Aurora, and Amer Sunrise. The Huawei P30 will arrive in the similar colors map up for Amer Sunrise. Huawei p30 and huawei p30 pro look stun in hd renders (Source, Via)

Apple is welcoming Spring with a new cheerful selection of Watch bands

It seems Apple is having a very busy announcement day today - a red iPhone 7 and a new iPad. And it's not even done - there is something new for Apple Watch fans get a whole bunch of fresh new bands. Neither a handset or a tablet really fall into the impulse-purchase category in our book, but we can definitely see some bands move the next few days on the merit of pretty colors alone. And don't get us wrong, we are all for shaking things up, especially now that Spring is here, which in most places means more opportunities to leave the heavy coats at home and take your wearable out...