Xiaomi LEX to launch as Mi Note4 together Mi MIX 3 on October 15

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Xiaomi lex to launch as mi note4 together mi mix 3 on october 15
A few days ago, a poster that revealed Xiaomi will launch the Mi MIX 3 on October 15 was seen on the web. Now, more posters have flowed out and they moreover confirm the similar date over for the release of the Mi MIX 3 and that of a second phone too.

The Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 is the device we’ve been looking forward to ever because it was officially teased by Xiaomi’s own president back in August. But, a second device called the Xiaomi LEX In addition surfaced online a several days ago.

Xiaomi lex to launch as mi note4 together mi mix 3 on october 15

One of the posters shows that the second telephone launching on October 15 is the Mi Note4. This is the device originally famous as the Xiaomi LEX. Apparently, LEX is the codename for the phone. The Mi Note4 is the successor to the Mi Note3 unveiled in September 2017.

Not a lot is famous When it comes the Mi Note4 except for a screenshot that reveals it has a hardcore AI assistant button. Nevertheless, it sure should be a worthy upgrade whenever compared to its predecessor. The poster Additionally has a colour gradient background. We believe this could possibly be one of the colours it will be out there in.

The second sheet states that the Mi MIX 3 will launch in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. Moreover, the poster’s background is a photo of an aurora. It may be hinting at one of its color versions. The Mi MIX 3 will have a slide mechanism, a Snapdragon 845 processor, and a frameless present. It will also have a dedicated button for its AI assistant.

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