Xiaomi crowdfunds the Xiaoda UV Sterilization Lamp usd11

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In the wake of the Coronavirus epidemic, Xiaomi has unveiled a couple of products that could help citizens fight the scourge. We have seen a couple of fresh facemasks and a UV sterilizing lamp. The company has presently unveiled a second UV sterilizing lamp under the Youpin crowdfunding platform. The gadget is dubbed Xiaoda Sterilization Lamp and ships with an cheap 79 yuan ($11) value tag. It has proven to be a well known device.

Xiaomi crowdfunds the Xiaoda UV Sterilization Lamp usd11

The data got from Youpin crowdfunding page displays that the lamp was in a position to rake in a big 4,942,503 yuan in just 4 days. That figure has because gone up to over 6.6million yuan as at the time of filing this report. In addition, more than 84,000 persons have backed the crowdfunding effort. Let’s take a fast look at the attributes.

Xiaomi crowdfunds the Xiaoda UV Sterilization Lamp 2

The gadget is portable with the dimensions being as that of a Coca-cola could. It is shaped like a retro-styled microphone. and could be used in plenty of scenes. It can remove viruses and odours from clothes in the bedroom closet, and Furthermore from the refrigerator. It can Additionally sterilize the dead corners of the bathroom with with no air circulation. In the living room, it reduces the risk of cross-infection if there are people under.

Xiaomi crowdfunds the Xiaoda UV Sterilization Lamp 3

The Xiaoda UV Sterilization lamp uses a wide range of ultraviolet light for disinfection and sterilization. Ultraviolet light is used pretty once in a while in the medical field and is similar to the sunlight in terms of intensity. Compared to traditional fluorescent lamp sterilization, this small sterilization lamp uses dual disinfection of ultraviolet and ozone, what well kills 5 common bacteria in the air, and the sterilization rate reaches 99.9%. Xiaoda UV Sterilization Lamp

For safety purpose, the product only ships on 30 seconds whenever it is switched on. This is to make sure the area s evacuated to avoid injury. The gadget is supplied with a 700 mAh large-capacity lithium battery and USB charging. It could be used 1-2 times on a single charge, reducing the trouble of frequent charging. It can entirely disinfect a roo in 30 minutes, depending on the size.

The Xiaoda UV Sterilization Lamp is coming to start shipping in batches from February 20.


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