Xiaomi crowdfunding Smart Garbage Bin

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Xiaomi has released a fresh Smart garbage bin inside the Youpin crowdfunding platform. The garbage bin ships with a value tag of 199 yuan ($28) but whenever the crowdfunding exercise, it will retail for 299 yuan ($42).

Xiaomi crowdfunding Smart Garbage Bin 2

The smart trash can arrives with the automatic lid opening feature that we have seen in a couple of smart trash bins lately. Also, it automatically seals the bag after it is filled. The bin arrives in the traditional white body what Xiaomi products are known. It has a dimension of 330mmx188mmx370mm and capacity is up to 12L. The thinner design ensures that it can fit into tight spaces like the gap between the toilet seat and the wall. The edge of the top cover of the smart net trash can is supplied with an infrared sensor. The effective sensing range is about 30 degrees upward from the motion detector. It Furthermore has a range of about 35cm. Whenever the hand is stretched within the sensing area, the lid of the trash can will open automatically.

Xiaomi Smart Garbage Bin

If the trash can needs to be kept open for a long time, there is a button to open it and whenever use, it can be closed with the click of the button once again. There is In addition a button at the top edge of the barrel to automatically package the bag. Whenever the garbage bag is taken out, the smart bin stimulates an automatic negative suction pressure under the barrel which sucks a new back into the internal wall of the trash could.

Xiaomi crowdfunding Smart Garbage Bin

Further, the smart garbage bin is supplied with a built-in 2000mAh lithium battery what could last for 150 days on standby. The lid could be opened up to 20,000 times when a full charge. It charges completely in just 3-4 hrs.


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