Xiaomi Bluetooth computer speakers with support for lossless audio launched for 399 yuan ($58)

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Xiaomi bluetooth computer speakers with support for lossless audio launched for 399 yuan ()

Xiaomi has gone official with a fresh smartphone, a Bluetooth speaker for the PC. The Xiaomi Bluetooth computer speaker is already in the world on Xiaomi Youpin for just 399 yuan (about $58). Due to the fact it is a speaker for the PC, it comes as a pair and could In addition be connected to mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and most compatible devices.

The Xiaomi Bluetooth computer speaker ships with support for lossless audio playback and Additionally supports voice phone calls. The 2 speakers have the exactly shape and they adopt a minimalistic design. It adopts a rectangular shape with rounded edges. The main speaker has number control buttons at the top left corner up front. There is In addition a hidden microphone at the front as effectively as an LED indicator. The frame is made of aluminium alloy what has been subjected to precision machining by extrusion, CNC, good grinding, quartz blasting, anodizing, and thus, the surface texture is smooth.

Although the some isn’t that massive, the output promises to be awesome. It supports a variety of music modes and as stated, it In addition supports lossless Bluetooth audio. The pair of Bluetooth PC speakers uses a professional audio DSP solution to support lossless Bluetooth audio formats. On the internals, it uses NdFeB dual magnetic circuit design, KAPTON polymer material voice coil what brings excellent dynamic high-frequency effects, allowing users to performance the richest of music effect. The speakers also utilise CSR Bluetooth chip and are compatible with number of audio formats such as MP3, AAC, APTX, APTX-LL and most audio formats. The APTX format is said to be capable of bringing CD-level sound high quality performance. It moreover supports AAC audio format of iOS.

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