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Motorola One review

Motorola is clearly no stranger to experimentation and soul-searching. To be fair, we can't exactly blame the legendary brand for this in any major capacity, considering the financial turmoils, several buyouts, management and business changes in its relatively recent history.

OnePlus surpasses Samsung in India’s high quality telephone market for the first period

OnePlus has presently taken the top position in India’s high quality smartphone market, surpassing Samsung. According to the report from research agency Counterpoint, OnePlus grabbed 40 percent high quality market share although Samsung’s market share in comparison to 34 percent market share in April-June period body. According to Counterpoint, the phone that sells for more than Rs. 30,000 (approximately $435) falls under the premium category. Whenever OnePlus and Samsung, Apple holds the third spot with about 14 percent market share. This is the initially time OnePlus has managed to grab the top position in India’s top quality phone section. The drop in the sales of flagship phones of Samsung and Apple also aided in the gains of OnePlus. In the report, Counterpoint added: OnePlus surpassed Samsung to lead the high quality smartphone segment for the first period ever for full quarter. This was due to strong profits of its flagship OnePlus 6 what was introduced during the quarter… The brand is Additionally capitalizing on powerful word of mouth and leveraging social media nicely to reach out to its target user base. The Counterpoint report Additionally notes that new entries in Huawei, Vivo, Nokia, and LG In addition mixed up the market and obtained small slices of the pie. OnePlus has a strong presence in the Indian market, thanks to its value-for-money offerings. The OnePlus 6’s pricing in India starts at Rs. 35,000 ($435) whereas the pricing of the Galaxy S9 Plus starts around Rs. 60,000 ($874). That undoubtedly contributed to the profits numbers given that price is a big factor in the Indian market. Interestingly, while OnePlus holds the top position in India’s high quality telephone market, it isn’t even in the top 5 list in overall market share. On the other hand, Samsung is the leading phone brand in India with about 29 percent market share whereas Xiaomi ranks second with around 28 percent market share.

Lenovo reclaims the No.1 spot in PC rankings ahead of HP in Q3 2018 – IDC

Lenovo‘s laptop business has unarguably been truly successful, more than the telephone arm. That is since of the world-class design, strong build quality, solid security and extensive manageability settings that are out there on its wide range of laptops. Lenovo’s laptop business was only second to HP however a recent report by IDC for the third quarter of the year (3Q18) shows that the Chinese company shipped a total of nearly 67.4 million units of traditional PCs (desktop, notebook, and workstation). Despite the shipment marking a decline of 0.9% in year-on-year terms, Lenovo yet goes ahead of its fierce rival Hewlett Packard (HP). Lenovo recently entered into a joint venture with Fujitsu and this is the second quarter of the partnership. The addition of Fujitsu volume helped to push the vendor to the top spot with 24% of the global market share. The company moreover saw a marked improvement in its North American business in the wake of a revamped channel strategy and more stable management. Its part, HP grew a tiny 0.3% year on year but still reached its tenth consecutive quarter of year-on-year growth and slightly outgrew its market share in a year ago. It faced a tough quarter in the U.S. as effectively as Latin America. Dell Inc. tied with Lenovo in terms of year-on-year growth at 5.8% and further extended its market share versus a year ago. A strong revealing in desktop quantity general and a Good EMEA quarter were the driving forces behind its achievements. Acer climbed to 4th place with strong performances in education and gaming. The manufacturer has continued to focus on building out a comprehensive Chrome Operation system portfolio and its gaming notebooks have also garnered significant uptake. Apple finished the quarter in 5th place, declined over 11%, and was the only top 5 manufacturer to underperform the overall market.

LG V30+ goes on sale in India

As scheduled, the LG V30+ has been launched in India. It is now available to purchase exclusively from Amazon, which has the device listed for INR 44,900 ($700). Color options include silver and black. Specs-wise, the V30+ differs from the standard V30 in terms of storage - it comes with 128GB storage, compared to the vanilla model. The variant was first made official in August, and released the next month. Source 1 2

First press renders of Sony Xperia XZ1 come to light

Sony has scheduled an event for IFA 2017 in Berlin and is expected to announce its new Xperia XZ1 flagship. Yet, almost a week in advance we get a bunch of leaked press images that leave little to the imagination. The Xperia XZ1 is not going to be too different from the current star Xperia XZ Premium. There is still one camera on the back with a dedicated button on the right side. The front side keeps the Xperia design with ample bezels below and above the screen. The slit above the flash on the back clearly indicates that the rear is made of metal -...