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🔥Xiaomi Mi 8 4G Phablet Explorer Edition 8GB RAM 128GB ROM - DARK GRAY
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New LG cellular smartwatch passes through the FCC

We've already heard that LG may be announcing a smartwatch sometime soon, but now we have some concrete evidence. An FCC filing refers to an LG smartwatch with the model number: LM-W315, which is well in line to succeed the previous two model numbers: W280 was the Watch Sport while the W270 was the Watch Style. These details were revealed in the FCC filing document that mentions where the FCC information is on the smartwatch. Since it's an e-label, it must be found in the Settings. Interestingly, the listing also mentions that "A SIM card is not required to access the FCC ID number". We're...

Moto X Force will be the official name of the leaked device

Just a short couple of days ago we brought you word of a new smartphone in development at Motorola. Up until today this was known by its codename - Bounce. It will however be sold as the Moto X Force when it eventually launches. Along with the official name, we have a new leaked render of the device for your viewing pleasure. It keeps the trademark Motorola design, so you're not definitely not going to confuse this with an offering from a different manufacturer. Since we've so far heard that there's a Droid Turbo 2 in the making for Verizon, it now seems likely that would be based on the Moto X Force, since Big Red's other Moto launch, the Droid Maxx 2, is basically just a rebranded Moto X Play. Then again, the carrier could have gone with the Moto X Style for its next-gen Turbo, we'll see. (more…)

Huawei teases 4,000mAh battery for the Mate 10

Huawei has been doling out teasers for the Mate 10 on its Twitter account, but it's mostly vague, aspirational stuff. There's nothing vague about this - the new flagship will have a 4,000mAh battery. Let's list its main competitors, shall we? Galaxy Note8 - nope, 3,300mAh. iPhone X - double nope, 2,716mAh. LG V30 - 3,300mAh again. Pixel 2 XL - a bit better, 3,520mAh. Xperia XZ Premium - 3,230mAh. Mi Mix 2 - 3,400mAh. We can keep going, but the simple truth is this - very few flagships, even the big ones, go above 3,500mAh batteries. So the new Mate 10 with its large battery and a 10nm...

Weekly poll: what kind of dual (or triple) camera setup is best?

Alright, it's been a year since we asked, so it's time to check if opinions have changed. What kind of dual camera setup do you prefer? Or even a triple camera setup - we'll let you vote for multiple options in this poll. If there's a clear winner, then just one extra camera is enough. If there are a couple of popular options, then a triple camera is needed to cover all bases. Last year, monochrome secondary sensors won by a thin margin. They were important in boosting low-light performance, but they may not be so relevant today. Apertures have reached f/1.5 on the Galaxy S9 and S9+....