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iOS 12 features we missed: second Face ID user and many more

Yesterday Apple announced iOS 12 and eager users are already combing through the beta to see all the features Apple talked about and many they didn't mention. One feature of the latter sort is Set Up Alternate Appearance, under Face ID & Passcode. Its description is a bit unclear - "In addition to continuously learning how you look, Face ID can recognize an alternative appearance." - but the folks over at 9to5Mac have confirmed that it allows a second face to be used to unlock an iPhone X. Some believe that the new feature has been developed for a future iPad that will forgo Touch...

US SenateTRACED bill aims to end non-stop robocalls

The current situation of robocalls in the United States has blown way out of proportion. Personally, I receive at least six robocallers per day. Some are recordings, some are silent callers to see if a line is active or disconnected, and others really, really want to help me reduce my imaginary student loans. Sometimes, I'll reject a robocall and then it will call right back. three times! A new bill was drafted up by US Senator John Thune of South Dakota and Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts. The bill is called the TRACED (Telephone Robocall Abuse Criminal Enforcement and Deterrence) Act...

Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note8 is now available from the Microsoft Store too

Microsoft likes to sell Samsung's high-end smartphones in its online store for some reason. Not long ago we saw the Galaxy S8 and S8+ becoming available to purchase from the Microsoft Store, and today the Galaxy Note8 has joined them. Unlike the S-series devices, which can also be bought for use with carrier plans, the Note8 is only being offered in unlocked form. Oh, and it's not cheap at all. Each unit will set you back $929.99. On the other hand, if you don't mind going the carrier route and using monthly installments to pay for the Galaxy Note8, there are much better offers to be...

Samsung trademarks Fit Plus – a new smart wearable might be incoming

Samsung might be preparing a successor to the Gear Fit dubbed Gear Fit Plus, according to a recently unearthed patent file. The company has claimed the Fit Plus name with the KIPRIS (Korean Intellectual Property Rights Information Service). Unfortunately, no specs are confirmed yet - in fact the name protection does not even guarantee the product will come to the market. Still the Gear Fit is due for an upgrade and this gives us some hope. Source

Samsung launches Galaxy Note5 in India on September 7

Samsung will be launching its newest flagship - the Galaxy Note5 - in India on Monday, September 7 at an event in New Delhi. The pricing and availability details will be revealed at the event.
Samsung recently launched the Galaxy S6 edge+ in India at a whopping INR 57,900 ($874). The Note5 has similar specifications as the edge+ but lacks the curved display. Instead you get the S Pen stylus, which has been a staple of the Note series since the original launched back in 2011. We will keep you updated on the details as soon as the device is launched.