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New teaser from Xiaomi about Mi Note 2

Xiaomi today posted an image on the Chinese microblogging platform Weibo, with the numbers ‘2>5’ possibly hinting towards the Mi Note 2. Since the Mi Note series has been  more powerful than the Mi series (Mi Note powerful than the Mi4) Xiaomi could possibly be teasing the next iteration for the Mi Note. The image includes the equation ‘2>5’ possibly hinting towards the Mi Note 2 being more powerful and robust than the company’s current flagship, the Xiaomi Mi 5. The caption on the image which roughly translates to ‘Love it, no one lose’ is a very bold statement, and is very surprising to see the company mock it’s own product. (more…)

Watch a Samsung Galaxy S8 get disassembled and destroyed on video

There's still a little bit of waiting to be done on Samsung latest flagship pair. But even though the Galaxy S8 and S8+ are yet to hit shelves, there is already no shortage of various "test" videos on YouTube. Granted, things have been pretty tame so far, with most videos revolving around the unboxing experience and first look. So, if you were hoping for something more exciting, like baking the poor S8, or dunking it in some outlandish liquid, you should check back later. However, some of the more recognizable faces in this "destruction" niche have already managed to get their hands on the...

LeEco Le Pro 3 flagship is now official

There has been quite a bit of fuss surrounding the LeEco Le Pro 3 these past few months. After sneaking a quick peek of the device in September and then coming across it on Geekbench yesterday, now its time to finally see it in full. Today LeEco officially unwrapped its new flagship and its specs do mostly live up to the original hype. (more…)

Apple to refresh entire MacBook lineup at WWDC, rumor says

As we get closer to Apple's WorldWide Developer Conference (WWDC) that takes place in early June, we're starting to hear more rumors about what products could be unveiled there. We've already told you to expect a new 10.5" iPad Pro with small bezels (to be the successor for the 9.7" iPad Pro), as well as a Siri-powered smart speaker. Now a new report says the company will also refresh its entire laptop lineup. That's going to be very big news if true, because, for example, the latest MacBook Pros have only been released last October - following a period of more than 500 days since its...

Samsung is working on ‘Bright Night’ function same to Google’s Night See

Almost all of the flagship handsets released recently have been focused on improving digital camera overall performance, peculiarly in the low-light photography department. The most impressive solution for low-light photography so far ships from Google, due to the company’s “Night Sight” function in Pixel 3-series phones. Now, Samsung is reportedly working on promoting a exact same solution for its handsets called “Bright Night time.” The feature works on a simple approach — take multiple photographs and combine them into one image that is much brighter, reveals extra detail than a common low-light photo, isn’t overexposed, and doesn’t rely on the LED flash. It is guessed that the “Bright Night” feature could debut with Samsung‘s up coming flagship — the Galaxy S10-lineup. XDA-Developers decompiled the stock Samsung Camera app what arrives with the newest Galaxy Note 9’s One UI build that explicitly describe a feature same to what other evening mode options do. If the feature debuts with the Galaxy S10, there’s a possibility that the “Bright Night” feature might be Galaxy S10 exclusive for a even though, before being rolled out to the company’s other phones. The South Korean manufacturer did this with “Scene Optimizer” function on the Galaxy Note 9, which was later unveiled in Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. Although Google’s “Night Sight” is the most well-known function in terms of low-light photography, many phone manufacturers are advertising a same feature that does similar the same things, however not effective as Google’s solution. OnePlus is calling its solution “Nightscape” whereas Xiaomi phone calls it “Night Scene”. China-based Huawei has named it “Night Mode” even though its sub-brand Honor prefers calling it “Super Bright Mode.” Samsung’s Galaxy S10 is shaping up to be a fundamental revision for the company and is not just an iterative update higher than the Galaxy S9-series. The Galaxy S10 is reportedly expected with an in-panel front-facing camera, ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, triple-digital camera option on the back, among others. Read also: Samsung to to represent 5G cameraphone at MWC 2019 There’s Additionally a 5G-compatible variant of the Galaxy S10, which will reportedly be showcased during Mobile Game Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The manufacturer is coming to hold its “Samsung Unpacked” occasion to release the Galaxy S10-series on 20th February, a week before MWC 2019.