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Caviar launches unique iPhone X with over 300 precious stones for €34,000

Caviar, recently famous with its bizarre iPhone X with a solar panel on the back or the Nokia 3310 with a golden plaque of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump's faces, now has another device for those with more money than taste. A unique single-copy iPhone X Imperial Crown with a golden coat of arms of the Russian Federation and over 300 engraved precious stones. This is what the novel Vanity Fair would look like if it was a phone. The back is encrusted with 344 diamonds of different sizes. There is also a single line of 14 large rubies as well as a golden plaque of the...

OnePlus 5 faces the dreaded scratch and bend tests

At 7.25mm, the OnePlus 5 is the company's thinnest flagship. Its battery capacity didn't suffer, but what about the phone's rigidity? Also, the screen protection was upgraded to Gorilla Glass 5 (up from GG4 on the 3/3T), did that improve scratch resistance? As usual, digital drill sergeant JerryRigEverything is ready to put the new flagship through its paces. In terms of the Mohs scale, there is no improvements in scratch resistance - both glasses slightly scratch at a hardness of 6 and more noticeably at 7. The ceramic Home button (and fingerprint reader) proved tougher and did not...

Smartphone sales in China fell in 2017 for the first time ever

Canalys has issued its report on the Chinese smartphone market's performance in 2017 today. For the first time ever, there was a year-on-year decline in sales, with 4% less devices sold last year compared to 2016. 459 million smartphones were shipped in China in 2017. The drop in overall yearly sales was heavily influenced by the fourth quarter, when shipments plummeted by over 14% compared to Q4 2016. Huawei is the top dog in its home market, managing to ship 90 million handsets last year, followed by Oppo, vivo, Apple, and Xiaomi. In Q4 Huawei sold 24 million units, Oppo managed...

Apple patents foldable product, with Moving flaps

Earlier this week, a patent application that Apple had previously applied for had been granted. The patent was for a fresh foldable product which attributes a unique hinge mechanism that makes it possible for the flaps to move, preventing the device’s display from creasing or getting damaged whenever folding. The patent was published by the US Patent and Trademark Office and gives a description of the fresh hinge mechanism. As claimed by to the Apple patent, the hinge is able of promoting separation between the two halves of the display from the middle, allowing for the flap to converge when unfolded and separate after being folded inward. Apple patents foldable device, with Moving flaps 2 Apple patented a unique hinge design for a foldable device The new hinge mechanism is being implemented to tackle a fundamental problem! that plagues phones with a foldable screen, i.e creasing. Examples of this would be Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X. Those smartphones are successful in implementing the panel however still suffer from the crease problem. However, the fresh hinge mechanism detailed by Apple seeks to prevent this altogether. From the Shots, it could be observed that the hinge is not a centralized and singular mechanism. The pics detail its functioning and movement that cojoins both halves of the panel via a twin movable mechanism. Foldable phones target a niche market of smartphone enthusiasts. Like it stands right currently, the smartphones are not commercially viable for a broader audience and market. But, innovation and further development may lead to a couple of unique and cheap designs being adopted in the future. Apple appears to be to be searching into the design like well, taking into consideration this isn’t its initial foldable telephone patent. Via

Apple Watch Series 3 (LTE) availability expands to Denmark, Sweden, India, and Taiwan

For Apple Watch 3 fans in Denmark, Sweden, India, and Taiwan, here's some good news: the LTE model of the smartwatch is now available in these markets. With this the number of countries where the model is now available stands at 16. In Denmark and Sweden, the watch is available through carrier 3, while in Taiwan, buyers will have the following choices: APT3, Chunghwa Telecom3, FarEasTone3, and Taiwan Mobile. In India, Reliance Jio and Airtel are offering the wearable at no additional month cost - the watch will be able to use data from the paired phone. Via