Tim Cook made over $15 million in 2018

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Tim cook made over  million in 2018

According to a recent filing by SEC, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook made over $15 million in 2018. Of this number, $12 million in incentives for achieving income and running income functionality aims whereas $3 million is his basic salary. Cook will Additionally receive 294,082 as private jet fare. All Those excludes the $121 million that Apple’s CEO vested this year from stock whereas he yet has higher than about $189 million (1.5 million Apple shares) worth of stock that hasn’t vested.
Tim cook made over  million in 2018

Apples common worker earns $55,426 what implies that Cook’s compensation, excluding his restricted stock, is 283 times which an common Apple employee makes. This is similar why we say “its good to be Apple’s CEO”. Apart from Cook, other top executives of the company moreover went home with huge paychecks. CFO Luca Maestri, overall counsel Kate Adams, retail head Angela Ahrendts, and COO Jeff Williams all made more than $26 million each, according to the SEC filing. Apple states in the filing

“We believe the compensation paid to our called executive officers for 2018 appropriately reflects and rewards their contribution to our experience,”

Tim cook made over  million in 2018

According to an SEC filing, Tim Cook donated When it comes $5 million in Apple stock to an unspecified charity. Back in 2015, he said that if all goes according to his plan, his entire fortune is going to charity.

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