Samsung is going to recycle all Galaxy Note 7 handsets

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Samsung hammered the final nail in the Galaxy Note 7′s coffin when it confirmed that the handset is no longer going to be produced or sold. The Galaxy Note 7 is dead and those who 

Samsung boost up Galaxy S7 production to cover loss from the Galaxy Note 7

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Samsung today announced that it will no longer produce and sell the Galaxy Note 7. Analysts expect that the financial impact from lost sales will be as high as $17 billion. It’s interesting how Samsung was 

Samsung resumes Galaxy Note 7 sales in South Korea, as promised

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At this point in time, we are fairly certain that all of you are familiar with the Galaxy Note7 overheating/battery malfunction fiasco that has held its grip over the company for the past few weeks. 

Galaxy Note7 could go on sale the same day it’s unveiled

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While it’s already confirmed that the upcoming Galaxy Note from Samsung – dubbed Galaxy Note7 – will be unveiled at an event scheduled for August 2, Samsung is yet to officially announce the device’s release 

Samsung Galaxy Note7 real images

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It seems Samsung has started sending out preliminary Galaxy Note7 units to its partners and testing labs and the latter don’t waste any time to snap a few photos and post online. One thing is