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US only: LG is giving you a free extra year of warranty for the G6 if you register

Bootloops? What bootloops? LG would definitely like you to forget all about that messy affair from previous years. And it's willing to make things easier in this regard, at least in the US. The company is now offering an additional year of warranty for the G6 stateside at no extra cost to you. All that's required is for G6 owners to register their devices at this website. And although this offer went live today, you qualify even if you've bought a G6 at some point in the past. Again, you just need to register. After you've done that, the standard one year limited warranty will be...

Microsoft unveils Xbox One X, arriving in November for $499

As promised, Microsoft has unveiled the Project Scorpio gaming console. It's officially dubbed Xbox One X. The console offers 6 teraflops of power, and features an 8-core custom AMD CPU (clocked at 2.3GHz). The console "uses advanced liquid cooling and the supercharger-style centrifugal fan to ensure it stays cool," the company says The Xbox One X comes with 8GB flash memory, and 1TB storage. There's also an UHD Blu-ray optical disc drive for 4K stuff. Wireless capabilities include WiFi, Bluetooth, and IR. Design-wise, Microsoft says it's the "smallest console we've ever...

Google appeals EU’s €2.4B fine

Google filed an appeal against the European Commission's decision to fine it a record €2.4 billion earlier this year. The Alphabet affiliate is positive that the amount might change for good after Intel managed to overturn an 8-year-old decision for anti-competitive behavior. The European Commission ordered Google on June 27 to stop tampering with results on Google Shopping and gave the company two months to comply with the decision. With the September 28 date closing, Google had not asked for an interim order of the suspension, according to a court spokeswoman. The search...

Huawei Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro leaked images, renders to reveal front and rear design and style

Huawei has established that it will be launching the Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro flagship smartphones on Oct. 16 in London. Those smartphones are powered by the world’s initial 7nm chipset, the Kirin 980. Couple of new images of the Mate 20 series have surfaced on Weibo. One of the images is a render of the Mate 20 Pro whereas the other shots show the real Mate 20 handset. Huawei mate 20, mate 20 pro leaked images, renders to reveal front and rear design and style A recent report by XDA Developers had proposed that the Huawei Mate 20 will be arriving with a curved edge show with waterdrop notch. The smartphone is Additionally expected to come with a rear-mounted fingerprint camera. Huawei mate 20, mate 20 pro leaked images, renders to reveal front and rear design and style The cameraphone shown in the following render attributes a curved present. However, instead of waterdrop notch, it is equipped with a larger notch which includes the iPhone X. The large-sized notched of the cameraphone could house 3D structured light module to support 3D facial scanning. Huawei mate 20, mate 20 pro leaked images, renders to reveal front and rear design and style The square-shaped digital camera housing that houses the triple sensor and LED flash is placed on the rear shell of the Mate 20 Pro. The back present of the telephone lacks a fingerprint scanner which suggests that it may be featuring an under-display fingerprint camera. Hence, it looks that the renders belong to the Mate 20 Pro. Huawei mate 20, mate 20 pro leaked images, renders to reveal front and rear design and style The above appeared shots were reportedly snapped at the IFA 2018 technology expo in Berlin, Germany. Individuals photos show the alleged white colored Mate 20 Pro housed in a case. Previously seen images of the Mate 20 shows that its fingerprint sensor is placed pretty near to its triple camera option, but the white colored handset does not seem to feature a rear-mounted fingerprint digital camera. Hence, those pics could belong to the Mate 20 Pro. In another leak, some pics appearance the front screen of the Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro as well as a rear shot of the Mate 20 have surfaced on Weibo. The first image shows that the waterdrop show present of the Mate 20 on the left and Mate 20 Pro’s present show with a large-sized notch on the instantly. Only smartphones with OLED display could support under-display fingerprint scanner. Hence, the Mate 20 Pro feature an OLED screen whereas the Mate 20 may come with an LCD panel. The other pictures appeared below appears to be to belong to the Mate 20 as it is equipped with a circular rear-facing fingerprint reader. There is a cutout for 3.5mm audio jack on the gadget.

BOE Will Produce its 6th Gen AMOLED Screens in Fuzhou, It’s a 46.5 Billion Yuan Investment

BOE is one of the biggest players in AMOLED panel technology on China’s land. Since of that, the company managed to obtain their tech on some flagship gadgets from other Chinese manufacturers in the recent several years. Today, December 26th, BOE earlier that it targets to build a 6th generation AMOLED production line in Fuzhou with a total investment of 46.5 billion Yuan, When it comes 6.8 billion Dollars. In the press release, we You could learn that BOE and Fuzhou’s Municipal Government together with Fuqing Municipal Government signed an agreement for the 6th generation AMOLED (Flexible) production to take place in said regions. In Those factories they’ll be producing high-end mobile cameraphone displays as nicely as other new and emerging mobile screen technologies. That said, we still don’t have a site for the plants, what will be made a decision by every party involved. According to the investment agreement, the area of the glass substrate of the 6th generation AMOLED (flexible) will be 1500mm?1850mm, with an coming production of 48,000 pieces per month (of the glass substrate). Finally, it’s been In addition announced that BOE will raise 11.4 billion Yuan ($1.6bln) in registered capital for the project. Meanwhile at the close Presently, BOE A went up 1.94% (2.63 Yuan), with a total market capitalization of approximately 91.520 billion Yuan ($13bln).