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Nokia 5.1, Nokia 3.1, Nokia 2.1 arrive in India

Nokia announced three entry-level and mid-range handsets back in May three smartphones in the lower price spectrum - Nokia 5.1, Nokia 3.1 and Nokia 2.1. Today HMD announced the arrival of the trio to India (the 3.1 has already been available with 2 GB RAM, now it makes its way with 3 gigs). The phones will be launched on August 12 across plenty of retailers and Nokia's own website. All three phones have Android Oreo 8.1 out of the box. HMD Global official told us back in spring the company is planning two-year OS updates and three-year security updates for the trio, so Android Pie...

Galaxy S8 pre-orders to start on April 7 in South Korea, new report says

At this point, you probably know that Samsung is holding an event on March 29 during which it will unveil the Galaxy S8 and S8+ flagship smartphones. You might also have read something about April 21 being the rumored release date for the duo, since this has come up in the media more than once. But what about pre-orders? When will those start? Today a new report from Samsung's home country of South Korea comes to shed light on this all-important matter. Do keep in mind, however, that even if true, the following applies only to that specific market. Of course, the company could choose to...

New GSMA mobile engagement study finds almost half of mobile users still only talk and text

It's not everyday you see an endeavor of this scale and potential importance to the mobile realm. GSMA has take upon itself to create and start conducting a new annual study and calculate what it is calling the new Global Mobile Engagement Index (GMEI). It is an unique figure that measures the population's level of engagement with mobile phones, taking into account both types of use cases and frequency. The gathered data covers smarthpones and more traditional handsets and spans across 56 countries (32 developing, 24 developed), at 1,000 online survey respondent (18+) per country, effectively...

💰SanDisk Ultra micro SD XC Flash Memory Card 16 GB 32 GB 64 GB TFCard 100 Mb / s

SanDisk Ultra micro SD XC Flash Memory Card 16 GB 32 GB 64 GB TFCard 100 Mb / s

Scheda di memoria flash Speed ​​Class 10 / TF Memory Card per Samrtphone e Table PC Scheda di memoria 10 / Tf di velocità

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Le caratteristiche:

Alta qualità, alte prestazioni, alta affidabilità.
Forte e duraturo, può funzionare in ambienti difficili.
L'APP funziona in modo più fluido.
I trasferimenti di file sono più fluidi.
Il video si carica più velocemente.

specifiche tecniche:
Tipo di articolo: carta di TF
Velocità R & W: 98M / S
IOPS a lettura casuale: 1500
IOPS scritto a caso: 500
Prestazioni di scrittura sequenziali: 10 MB / S
Tipo: 16G, 32G, 64G (opzionale)
Peso del pacchetto: 6,8 g / 0,23 once
Confezione: 0,127 * 0,076 * 0,001m / 5 * 2,99 * 0,03 pollici

Fortnite for Android (beta) game review

Fortnite for Android is the final piece of the puzzle that started out in September of last year with the release of the Fortnite Battle Royale mode on consoles, PC and Mac. Since then, the game got a release on iOS earlier this year in April and couple of months ago on Nintendo Switch. The Android version of the game is understandably very late when compared to other platforms. Or perhaps, not so late if the objective here was to rejuvenate interest in the game and start the hype cycle all over again. Unfortunately, the launch of the Android version hasn't been the smoothest. The...