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Red Hydrogen One hitting US carrier(s) this summer

There is big news today for those of you who pre-ordered the Hydrogen One phone from Red. But first, we'll try to recap as quickly as possible for those who missed the initial wave of news about this phone. Red is a maker of professional-grade video cameras who held pre-orders this past summer for a $1,200-$1,600 modular smartphone with a new kind of 3D screen that can be seen in either landscape or portrait orientations. It's a phone made for hard-core photo and video enthusiasts or professionals. Alright, moving on to the news. Founder of Red, Jim Janard, writes in a forum post that...

Honor 8 Lite leaks

If you were at least a little bit baffled by Huawei's recent move of introducing the P8 Lite (2017), using the name of the P8lite from 2015 instead of the P9 lite from last year as a base for the new model, get ready for some more weirdness. First off, let's mention that the P8 Lite (2017) may actually end up being sold as the P9 Lite (2017) in some countries. Confused yet? Well, you're going to be even more confused by the newly leaked Honor 8 Lite. This is shown in the images below inside a case. You may have noticed something familiar about it though - yes, it looks exactly like the aforementioned P8 Lite (2017). (more…)

Sony Xperia XZ3 to feature a single 48MP camera

The first rumors about the Xperia XZ3 came around to tell us a story of two cameras on the back, probably the ones that the Xperia XZ2 Premium uses but lately the latest intel refutes that. It seemed dubious at first but now that evidence is piling up that it is indeed the case. Earlier we saw 360-degree render of the device missing the second camera on the back and now a benchmark listing shows that the phone will have an advanced single sensor on the back instead of two. The phone with model number H8416 has appeared on GFXBench featuring a camera with whopping 47MP resolution. As...

Motorola Moto Z2 Force on T-Mobile gets Oreo

T-Mobile has started rolling out the Oreo update to Motorola Moto Z2 Force units on its network. The update carries a build number of OCX27, and also includes Android security fixes for the month of December. This comes a week after the Moto Z2 Force on Verizon started getting Oreo, making Verizon the first US carrier to roll out the update. If you are on T-Mobile, you should be getting the update in the days to come, so be patient. Source | Via

Taiwanese Investment Commission approves HTC/Google deal

Back in September, HTC and Google announced a deal worth $1.1 billion which gives Google access to HTC's intellectual properties and some of HTC's hardware team to help develop the next Pixel devices and further develop HTC's VR division with products like the Vive. This weekend, the Taiwanese Investment Commission (similar the US's anti-trust regulators) has approved the deal taking place between the Google search giant and the Taiwanese smartphone maker. The deal's approval has caused the shares to spike up when the stock market opened on Monday morning, stocks could rise even...