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Verizon Moto Z Droids getting Oreo, T-mobile Galaxy S8 gets June patch

Verizon has started pushing a new update to Motorola Moto Z Droid and Moto Z Force Droid smartphones on its network. The update - which arrives as software version OCL27.76-69-4 - brings along Android Oreo OS. Needless to say, all the usual Oreo goodies are included. The update bumps the security patch level to May and brings improved Wi-Fi connectivity. The release-notes list another major change: "You no longer have to restart your phone when replacing a non-Verizon SIM with a Verizon SIM." Moving on, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ users on T-Mobile have started getting a new...

Samsung Galaxy A50 vs Oppo F11 Pro vs Vivo V15 Pro

Samsung totally renewed the Galaxy A series with completely different products. Among the first ones from the renewed line-up, there is Samsung Galaxy A50, which the Korean giant just unveiled in the global market. Given its quite a few impressive specs and its interesting value, we think it is value comparing the fresh A50 with 2 major products unveiled in the last time. We are talking about the Oppo F11 Pro and Vivo V15 Pro, 2 remarkable upper-midrange phones with pop-up cameras. Is Samsung at the exact same level as its Chinese competition with its midrange suggests? With this specifications comparison, we will help you find out.


Oddly, regardless of being upper-midrange devices, all those handsets come with a plastic body, and that is not the top of elegance. However Oppo F11 Pro and Vivo V15 Pro have an important added price: the pop-up digital camera what makes the design cleaner and the screen-to-body ratio quite high with no the need for a notch. I personally like the Vivo V15 Pro extra due to the fact, besides having a pop-up sensor and with no notch, it even comes with an in-screen fingerprint scanner which makes the rear side even cleaner. I even such as extra its gradient color version.


It is a hard fight between Samsung Galaxy A50 and Vivo V15 Pro, even though the Oppo F11 Pro has the advantage of boasting a bigger screen. Vivo V15 Pro comes with the Super AMOLED technology and 100 percent of DCI-P3 coverage, so it need to offer a improved colour reproduction. Further, it does not have a notch, unlike the Samsung Galaxy A50.

Samsung Galaxy A50 vs Oppo F11 Pro vs Vivo V15 Pro: Technical specs Comparison

Samsung galaxy a50 vs oppo f11 pro vs vivo v15 pro Vivo V15 Pro wins even after it ships to the hardware side. It has a certainly more powerful chipset: the fresh Snapdragon 675 that is also found on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7. It is the perfect midrange SoC by Qualcomm along the Snapdragon 710 and it offers blazing speeds. Further more, the Vivo V15 Pro is the only smartphone of this trio to come with up to 8 GB of RAM. And it also has a micro SD dedicated slot that enables using the dual SIM tray and the micro SD at the similar time. The second place goes to Samsung Galaxy A50 and its Exynos 9610 built with a 10 nm production process. I would not go for the Oppo F11 Pro because it does not have a micro SD tray. All the handsets run a customized Android variant, however I personally prefer Samsung’s one due to its smarter another attributes, even though a large amount of people think it is too heavy.


On the paper, the most impressive digital cameras belong to the Vivo V15 Pro. Initial of all, it ships with an amazing triple sensor on the rear side, composed of a base 48 MP scanner, a secondary ultrawide scanner and a depth sensor, which could record video with 4K resolution. Further more, it has a remarkable 32 MP front digital camera for selfies what allows capturing pretty high definition pictures. It is still a midrange option, but it remains impressive. We give the second place to the camera department of the Samsung Galaxy A50 with a shiny aperture for the main 25 MP scanner, a secondary ultrawide lens, and a depth sensor. The last place goes to the Oppo F11 Pro, however it does not mean that it is disappointing. It still has a superior dual camera with a 48 MP main sensor just which includes the Vivo V15 Pro.


The battery life is a strong point of all of those handsets. Samsung Galaxy A50 and Oppo F11 Pro should be the longest lasting ones since they boast a big 4000 mAh battery. Given the AMOLED display and the SoC built with a 10 nm production process, Samsung Galaxy A50 need to have a somewhat longer battery life than Oppo F11 Pro. Vivo V15 Pro has a smaller 3700 mAh battery, so it is unlikely that it will achieve its challengers. All the products are equipped with a fast charging tech, however Vivo V15 Pro should be able to charge faster thanks to its smaller battery dimensions and higher power for the quick charging tech (18W). As claimed by to the manufacturer, Vivo V15 Pro could achieve 24 percent in just 15 minutes of charging.

Price tag

Vivo V15 Pro wins this comparison because of its much better performances, amazing digital cameras, and innovative design, however it costs more: about ?360/$405 in Asia. You could grab a piece of the Samsung Galaxy A50 in the global market for ?350/$395, while Oppo F11 Pro costs about ?320/$360.

Samsung Galaxy A50 vs Oppo F11 Pro vs Vivo V15 Pro: PROs and CONS

Oppo F11 Pro PROs Pop-up camera Huge battery Fairly quick charging Extra affordable CONS With no micro SD tray Samsung Galaxy A50 PROs Huge battery Sleek display Micro SD dedicated slot In-display fingerprint reader CONS Fewer impressive design Vivo V15 Pro PROs Superior panel Nice cameras Micro SD dedicated tray Nice hardware CONS Compact battery Source

Xiaomi posts record-smashing Q2 results with 23M phones sold worldwide

Xiaomi had a rough 2016, but things are starting to look up for the Chinese maker in 2017. The company announced that Q2 was its most successful quarter with 23 million phones sold across the globe. Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun said the amount of sold phones is 70% more than it was in the previous three-month period. The good economy climate is among the reasons for the positive numbers. Sales in India grew 328% year-over-year. The Redmi Note 4 became the highest shipped smartphone in the country, and the company even opened its first Mi Home in Bengaluru two months ago. Xiaomi is...

Pink Xiaomi Mi Note 2 might be on the way

The Mi Note 2 is still Xiaomi's top of the line phablet, and it looks like it might be getting a new color option soon. So far, the Chinese company has announced three hues for the handset, namely black, silver, and gold. But these may be joined by another one in the near future. A Weibo user has leaked the image you can see below, which is said to depict the Mi Note 2 in the yet-unreleased Cherry Pink color version. It's unclear when exactly this will become available in China (where the leak originates), or whether it will ever make it to other markets. It's also a possibility...

OnePlus 6 gets officially shown off underneath a OnePlus 5T

OnePlus' teaser campaign for its next smartphone is already in full swing. Today we get a glimpse at the OnePlus 6's left side, courtesy of what has now become traditional for the company - namely, a shot of its current flagship sitting atop the yet to be released model. That's the OnePlus 5T's back you can see in the image, but underneath it is the upcoming OnePlus 6. And we can glance at its left side. There's only so much info we can gather from such a teaser, but if you look closely it does seem like the antenna bands are confined to the metal frame and don't slip over onto the phone's...