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Sony Xperia X and Xperia X Compact now receiving Android 8.0 Oreo

The X Performance was the first of the original X trio to get Oreo (back in November), but now the Sony Xperia X and Xperia X Compact have caught up. The update - build number 34.4.A.0.364 - brings Android 8.0.0 Oreo and the January 1 security patch. Sony Xperia X before and after the Oreo update It seems that both the Xperia X F5121 (global, single SIM) and F5122 (global, dual SIM) versions are receiving the update. The X Compact F5321 is also receiving the update. We don't have confirmation about the US version of the X or the Japanese variant of the X Compct.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active may be heading to T-Mobile

AT&T has had an exclusivity deal to offer a ruggedized variant of the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone since the Galaxy S4 Active. In fact, Sprint did offer a "Sport" branded Galaxy S5, but it was a watered down version of the "Active" (if that makes any sense). Anyway, Evan Blass of Venture Beat tweeted a render of the Galaxy S8 Active sporting "T-Mobile" in the corner of the lockscreen. That, and the 4G LTE icon matches that of the ones found on T-Mobile's Samsung devices. AT&T's "4G" logo has a larger and rounder font. Samsung Galaxy S8 Active for T-Mobile [first reported:...

Now you can add Apple Maps to your website

At the ongoing WWDC, Apple has announced a major change related to Apple Maps. The company has made available to third-party developers the ability to embed Apple Maps on websites, something which can be done using the newly-launched JavaScript library MapKit JS (which is currently in beta). Here's what Apple's official website says: MapKit JS brings Apple Maps to the web. This new JavaScript library lets you add interactive maps to webpages — complete with annotations, overlays, and interfaces to Apple Maps services such as Search and Directions — to enable rich...

Machine Island AI Reading Pen is Xiaomi crowdfunding estimated at 299 yuan usd44

Xiaomi has launched a fresh device under the Youpin (formerly MIJIA) crowdfunding platform and it is the 304th crowdfunded smartphone from the technology giant. The smartphone is listed as Machine Island AI Point Pen however rather of being used for writing, the pen is used for reading among other functions. The gadget is a third-party one, produced by Nanjing Machine Island Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd and is priced at 299 yuan ($44) Machine island ai reading pen is xiaomi crowdfunding estimated at 299 yuan usd44 The Machine Island AI reading pen isn’t a writing pen however performs such as braille in that it reads out the words as the pen is swiped across the book. Perhaps, the most spectacular function is the integration XiaoAI smart assistant. The device In addition functions as a story machine, a learning machine and a translator as it could supply Chinese-English translations. The pen supports smart pronunciation evaluation, intelligent learning report. The pen could In addition be synchronised with the MIJIA app in order to view useful information, this sort of as the child’s learning intrigues and process at a glance. It ships with WiFi 802.711 b/g/n which provides unlimited download capability, automatic content updating. The WiFi moreover will allow the pen to automatically read the voice resources for dedicated pictures-only storybooks. Machine island ai reading pen is xiaomi crowdfunding estimated at 299 yuan usd44 The pen is built to assist the development of the kid in five core competencies of self-care, social, psychological, cognitive and logical thinking. The database contains 20 sub-themes, above 1200 knowledge points, and above 2000 Chinese and Engish vocabulary. Since it is designed for kids, the design is just cool and attractive in line with children’s aesthetics. The body is made from silicone with gentle finishing and Furthermore comfortable to hold. The product is said to have obtained the certification of the US FDA. Machine island ai reading pen is xiaomi crowdfunding estimated at 299 yuan usd44 As for the design, the pen is shaped like a typical pen but with a robust build and design like a small teddy bear putting on a bow tie. The butt assumes the shape of a head with 2 antenna lighting that appears which includes ears. There is an aperture for a microphone at the top half just under the bow tie. Just under the mic is a smart intercom primary. The number control buttons are at the side of the intercom key although at the other side is the power button and USB charging port. The device has few grills at the back housing the speaker. The design is done to deliver the product usable such as a walkie talkie. Lastly, the tip is actually the reading recognition area and cannot produce any ink for writing. The pen will be in the world in blue and pink colors. Machine island ai reading pen is xiaomi crowdfunding estimated at 299 yuan usd44 The AI pen is coming to start shipping on February 28 however is still on crowdfunding. The crowdfunding has been a tremendous success with up to 700,000 yuan raised so far after the manufacturer only needed 10,000 yuan. Machine island ai reading pen is xiaomi crowdfunding estimated at 299 yuan usd44 Source: link

EMUI 9 wont allow third-party launchers, Huawei announces

Most phone manufacturers are using their own custom case on top of the Android running system. Even though these types of custom interfaces introduce new options that are missing in stock Android, not everyone is a fan of the design of the custom case. For those, the third-party launchers arrive in convenient, allowing them to customize the watch. However, Huawei is presently taking a step that will block the third-party launchers on its Android fork EMUI. Huawei has reported through its channels that it will be blocking the use of third-party launchers on EMUI 9. The manufacturer is trying to explain this by saying that it received feedback from users who encountered various problems although using third-party launchers. So, the manufacturer says that in order to maintain the customer experience, it will block the use of launchers. Huawei further more adds that most third-party launchers come pre-installed with bloatware which in switch affects the phone’s experience. It adds that from time to time, due to high power consumption by this kind of programs, the phone also starts experiencing heating-related issues. An additional issue that the Chinese company is pointing out is advertisements. It says that most third-party launchers are loaded with advertisements, from pop-up ads to background apps, what apart from inconvenience for usage, Furthermore poses a privacy risk. In light of this, the company says that it has made a decision that from EMUI 9, users wouldn’t be allowed to set third-party launchers as the default. Whereas it seems to be that the manufacturer is concerned When it comes the users’ data and performance, Huawei has taken an easy way out and is depriving its users of using the function which is one of the primary things that makes Android the most outstanding mobile running system.