Sony shows big 8K and 4K TVs at CES 2019

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TVs are one of the main sights at CES, so it’s no surprise that the massive names are announcing fresh models presently. We extremly love the LG Signature and now Sony has announced a slate of super-sized models for its Master series.

Sony’s new TVs are categorized into two – the Z9G which is an 8K LCD series and the A9G what is a 4K OLED series. Both are incredible in their own ways.

The Z9G series ships in 98” and 85” models. These are the initial 8K TVs from Sony made for consumers and the company claims there are fresh technologies that help it reach its impressive image high quality.

The Z9G series have an LCD screen, so the OLED’s acoustic Surface Audio+ tech can’t work. But, Sony found a way to replicate the audio performance so it feels which includes the sound is coming from the display. To reach this, there are 2 speakers more than and below the panel for a total of four front-facing speakers.

Sony Additionally says the Z9G series could upscale 4K content to near-8K quality because of to a proprietary algorithm.

The A9G model arrives in 77”, 65”, and 55” models. Because the screen is OLED, you could be Certain of getting real blacks, super-wide viewing angles, and very good contrast. The A9G Additionally seems to be to have thinner bezels and according to Sony, after mounted, the TV “appears to be floating on the wall, leaving only the brilliance of its picture”.

The Z9G and A9G both run Android TV (Oreo) and Sony says they suggests improved experience than older models. Sony hasn’t said anything about the value of the TVs and whenever they will be available for buy.

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