So-called Nubia Red Magic 3 (NX629J) 3C certification displays 30W rapid charging support

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A new Nubia smartphone with model number NX629J has bag 3C certification in China. It appears to be the successor of the Nubia NX619J smartphone that was released in the market like Nubia Red Magic Mars gaming phone. Thus, it appears that the newly spotted NX629J gadget could be the upcoming Nubia Red Magic 3 gaming phone.

Nubia Red Magic 3 (NX629J) 3C

The 3C certification of the Nubia NX629J reveals that it will be equipped with a charger that supports up to 30W PD rapid charging. Nubia CEO Ni Fei had a week ago claimed that the next Red Magic gaming smartphone will be supplied with a battery that starts with “5” that indicates it may be packed with at least 5,000mAh battery. With support for 15V/2A charging, the Red Magic 3 will take lesser time to charge completely.

Alleged Nubia Red Magic 3 (NX629J) 3C certification reveals 30W rapid charging support

The Red Magic 3 is likely to be powered by the Snapdragon 855 mobile platform and 12 GB of RAM. To keep the internal temperature under control, the next gaming phone from Nubia will be equipped with a hybrid cooling system that may perhaps possibly comprise of liquid cooling, air cooling, and a turbofan. It is said that the intensity of the fan will automatically difference depending on the phone’s temperature and the alternative kind of tasks that are operating on the product.

The cameraphone is expected to deliver an impressive refresh rate for a smoother gaming experience. The rumor mill is speculating that it could offer a 120 Hz refresh rate as the Razer Phone. The handset will be arriving with enhanced eye best protection options too. to protect the eyes from getting damaged thanks to prolonged gaming. For a much more advanced haptic feedback during gameplay, it will be equipped with a 4D vibration system.

Now that the so-called Nubia Red Magic 3 has bagged 3C approval, it appears that its debut won’t be Quite far away. The cameraphone might debt in the expected month. The Black Shark 2 gaming smartphone has gone an official week ago with a price tag of 3,199 Yuan (~$475). The Red Magic 3 that will be arriving as a major rival for it may carry the same value tag.


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