Samsung’s Foldable Cameraphone Showcased to few special Buyers

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Samsung’s foldable cameraphone showcased to few special buyers

As you’ve probably noticed by your news feed flooded with CES posts Those days. The yearly probably most important electronics fair is currently taking place in Las Vegas. So, Sure, Samsung couldn’t miss this opportunity to showcase their foldable cameraphone prototype to selected consumers.

The news arrives from Korean media which confirms the country’s technology giant did Sure do that Those past days. Why did they only prove it to a handful of guys? Well, that’s because the smartphone isn’t ready for prime time and there are still some minor issues to fix before launch.

According to a Samsung’s executive, the gadget is completely flat after in the unfolded state, meanwhile when folded it developed crease includes, which is definitely something you don’t want to show to media.

Samsung’s foldable cameraphone showcased to few special buyers

The executive did say the final gadget won’t have this issue though, so those of you looking forward to shelling out $1,350 for the initial foldable cameraphone by Samsung could jump for joy. Always assuming you manage to obtain any of the just 1 million units they’ll produce in the first half of 2019.

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