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Nougat for Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) arrives in India

Samsung has started pushing out a new update to Galaxy J7 (2016) units in India. Arriving as version J710FXXU3BQHC and weighing in at around 1,030MB, the update brings along Android 7.0 Nougat OS. As clear from the change-log, the update includes changes like Samsung Experience UX, improved notifications and Quick settings button, and Multi-window mode. Given the fact that it's an OTA roll out, it might take time for the update notification to pop up, so be patient. For what it's worth, the update has already been made available in Russia, something which happened last week. Via

Sunday debate: Which camera is more important – front or back?

If you are facing a choice between two evenly matched phones, where one has a superior rear camera and the other has a better selfie snapper which way would you go? Chip and Yordan discuss. Yordan: We can't have nice things because of selfie cameras It was probably 2004 or 2005 when I was thinking: "Phones with front-facing cameras are so hot right now". They painted a futuristic picture where video calls were a daily thing. Oh how silly was I back then. Video calling today surely is popular, but it is not the glamorous feature Isaac Azimov once pictured. It is just a...

Counterclockwise: making everything wireless

Apple's new iPhones support wireless charging - a feature that has been slowly gaining popularity in recent years. But the Qi standard has been kicking around the mobile world for about 8 years by this point, pioneered by the Palm Pre smartphone (and the Touchstone charger). Wireless headphones are nothing new - Bluetooth has been able to carry audio since the early days. Apple took this to the extreme with the AirPods, they don't even have a wire connecting the two ear plugs! But pairing your handset to your headphones can be a pain, what if it can be done wirelessly? We're talking...

Xiaomi crowdfunds the 36notes Smart Handwritten Notepad offered at 249 yuan (~$36)

Xiaomi has officially introduced the 36notes Smart Handwritten Notepad under its Youpin crowdfunding platform. The smartphone arrives with a crowdfunding price tag tag of 249 yuan (~$36). The 36 Smart Handwritten Notepad is a digital notebook which translates all your paper notes and drawings into digital content in a swift manner. The things that could be scribbled on the notepad varies in texts to sketches and drawings. When writing on the notepad, you can get the digital copy of whatever has been written with the press of a single button Xiaomi crowdfunds the 36notes smart handwritten notepad offered at 249 yuan (~) Earlier details launched displays the digital writing pad works using electromagnetic resonance tech what helps to produce the digital prints within a single button press. It constructs a stable and precise magnetic field on the bottom of the product. Further, the magnetic fields are displaced with the help of an electromagnetic pen what captures and records the writing signal in real-time. It helps to realize the writing and later redo it if needed. The document or sketch can In addition be edited even though in digital formal. It is probable to store the documents both online and offline. In offline storage option, the user can only store 100 pages at a time. On the external desgn, the 36notes smart handwritten notepad is portable, lightweight and produced using fabric. There is In addition a memory for the pen. As stated, the product is out there for funding on Xiaomi Youpin for 249 yuan (~$36). It is coming to start shipping on January 7, 2019.

Samsung promises monthly security updates for unlocked units sold in the US

Overall, Samsung isn't doing bad at all when it comes to releasing those monthly security patches for its devices - at least compared to some of its competitors. However, there have certainly been some odd goings-on in this respect for some of its phones, most notably those sold in the US in unlocked form. While carrier-specific versions of models such as the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge have been fairly reliably receiving the Android security updates month after month, the situation hasn't been the same for the unlocked units. These are still stuck on the December security patch level, and they...