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Mijia Multifunctional Smart Electric Kettle preserves heat for up to 12 hours

Earlier Presently (18th November 2020), Xiaomi launched a new MIJIA product.

It is the Mijia Multifunctional Smart Electric Kettle, what is valued at 169 Yuan (roughly 26 US Dollars) and is presently in crowdfunding for 139 Yuan (roughly 21 US Dollars). The fresh MIJIA product is built for advertising a simple and handy method for making mixed recipes. It options 10 alternative power adjustment settings and could cover a range between 100W sluggish simmering and a 1000W high power heating. The smartphone arrives with designed in applications and recipes, what are optimized to deliver different foods like tea, soup, or even deserts, and another customer recipes. Its design is minimalist and resembles a generic electric kettle, with a majority of its body surface being transparent as nicely. Furthermore, the Mijia Multifunctional Smart Electric Kettle Furthermore offers a heat preservation control that allows users keep the temperature anywhere between 45 degree Celsius and 85 degree Celsius to maintain warmth and could even maintain that heat for up to 12 hrs. Due to the fact it is a smart device, it could be controlled remotely with a smartphone through the MIJIA mobile application. This will allow users set timers, or control the temperature in true time. So for those intrigued, you can back the gadget through the crowdfunding from Xiaomi.

New update rolling out to Sony Xperia XZ, XZs and X Performance

Sony has started pushing out a new update to some of its Xperia X series smartphones (including the Xperia XZ, XZs, and X Performance). Arriving as version 41.3.A.2.99, it's a security update that brings along Android fixes for the month of March. There's currently no information on whether or not the update includes some other major changes as well. Anyway, as the roll out has just begun, it may take time for the update notification to pop up on your device, so be patient. Via

Android 7.1 update for Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ imminent

The Android 7.1 update for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ flagship smartphones is likely to arrive anytime now. Vodafone Australia has provided a heads-up on its website that the update has been submitted for review, which is the last stage before the roll out begins. So in all likeliness, other key markets should also get the update sooner than later. Sadly, there's currently no information on the exact roll out time-frame, but we'll let you know as and when that happens or more details emerge. Source | Via

iFixit does a teardown of the new Apple HomePod

iFixit has done a teardown of the new Apple HomePod and here's the conclusion upfront: it's not meant to be opened by the consumer. So pretty much like most consumer electronics these days. End of story. If you are still curious, this is how it goes down. You first need a heat gun to get through to the screen at the top and the rubber base at the bottom, which are securely fastened with glue. Then after that you find some more screws, then some more glue, then some more screws, then some more glue. At one point, iFixit even managed to crack their HomePod while trying to get through a glued...

Lenovo Z5s may have Snapdragon 710 processor

The Lenovo Z5s will likely not come with a Sd 678 because there isn’t these types of a processor in existence. That Lenovo Z5s banner in last day was just misinterpreted and a fresh sheet seems to be to clarify that. Earlier today, the company unveiled a poster that teased Xiaomi’s Mi 8 Lite for its choice of cpu. The sheet was truly shared initial on Weibo by Lenovo’s CEO before it was reposted by the formal Weibo account with a caption that teases the Mi 8 Lite for having a Sd 600 series processor. Lenovo z5s may have snapdragon 710 processor If Lenovo is teasing the Mi 8 Lite for getting a Sd 600 series SoC, that means it isn’t using a 600 series chipset in the Z5s what the Snapdragon 678, assuming it even exists, falls under. Read also: Lenovo Z5s introduced with waterdrop notch panel, triple cameras, Sd 710 and 1,398 Yuan (~$202) pricing We re-examined the banner that originally said the phone will have a Sd 678 cpu and what we deduce is that Lenovo is teasing the phone will come with a processor that belongs to the 600, 700, or 800 series, hence 678. Lenovo z5s may have snapdragon 710 processor There are rumors the chipset in the phone is actually the Snapdragon 710 which includes the Lenovo Z5 Pro but there is with no confirmation still. Other confirmed options of the smartphone are triple rear cameras and Android Pie pre-installed. Lenovo z5s may have snapdragon 710 processorLenovo z5s may have snapdragon 710 processorLenovo z5s may have snapdragon 710 processor Lenovo moreover launched a few more posters and camera samples of the phone what is scheduled to release on December 18 at the Lenovo Global Headquarters in Beijing.