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T-Mobile offering $50 discount on Apple Watch Series 3

If you are in the US and are in the market for a smartwatch, here's a deal for you: T-Mobile is offering a discount of $50 on the Apple Watch Series 3. To avail the deal, you'll need to purchase the wearable on the carrier's on an Equipment Installment Plan with qualifying DIGITS plan. As you can see in the screenshot above, there's another promo that'll give you three months of free unlimited LTE service. However, keep in mind that you can't club both these offers. For more info on the deal(s), head to the Source link below. Source

Nokia 9 hands-on image leaks, shows five cameras on the back

Despite countless rumors to the contrary going back more than a year, the Nokia 9 still isn't official. This unicorn-like phone that's supposedly going to be the reborn brand's first true flagship may however become reality soon. That's because the image you can see below leaked in China today, purporting to show the back of the Nokia 9 with a shocking five camera setup. Although the person who leaked the picture calls the device Nokia 9, in the past we've heard that this will be the Nokia 10, so don't take any of the names for granted just yet. Up until this point three rear...

Oppo R11 stars in more live images, spec sheet leaks too (including for the R11 Plus)

Following a myriad of leaks, rumors, and teasers we've seen in the past month or so, Oppo will finally make the R11 and R11 Plus smartphones official at an event on June 10. Until then, however, feast your eyes upon three newly leaked live images showing the R11 in a bunch of color versions. Oppo R11 leaked hands-on pictures The eagle-eyed among you may have realized that the first of those shots is basically just a cleaned up iteration of a picture we've already seen last week. Anyway, alongside these images what are purported to be the official spec sheets for both the R11...

Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones Beats by Dre launches for $250

Apple’s AirPods are Quite outstanding. Last month, Apple introduced a second-generation model that brings new options however keeps the design of the first-gen model. Yesterday, Apple-owned subsidiary, Beats by Dre, announced the Powerbeats Pro really wireless earbuds which share a couple of options with the second-gen AirPods.

Powerbeats Pro All colors

The Powerbeats Pro wireless earbuds are nothing as the AirPods in terms of design. It stays firmly in your ears thanks to its ear-hooks, and unlike the AirPods, it arrives in 4 alternative colors – Black, Ivory, Moss, and Navy. The earbuds are developed for athletes and Apple says it worked with real athletes to have idea which they want. The Powerbeats Pro is said to provide balanced audio, improved dynamic range, and enhanced clarity although being delicate. Each earbud has its own playback and quantity controls and automatic scanners that have idea when they are in your ears and Furthermore support “Hey Siri”. They also have very good and stable connectivity like they are fueled by the new Apple H1 chip too. Each earbud will provide up to 9 hrs of listening time on a single charge. Mixed with the case, you will get additional than 24 hrs of playback. They also automatically attach to your Apple devices. The good reports is the Beats by Dre Powerbeats moreover operates with Android gadgets and you will moreover be capable to use it with any Assistant of your choice. Unfortunately, the case charges via a lightning port and not USB type-C. It also doesn’t support wireless charging. And unlike the earbuds themselves, the case isn’t sweat resistant. The Powerbeats Pro will sell for $249.95 and will be out there in May. Via

It’s 2018 and Apple still doesn’t provide fast charger with its iPhones

Yesterday, Apple announced three new iPhones with varying feature sets. But one thing among them is common: they all ship with the same charger. The charger in question is the same 5W unit that Apple has been providing for several years now. It is one of the lowest power output chargers you can get on any phone today and is seriously slow. Apple added support for fast charging on the iPhone with the launch of the iPhone X and iPhone 8. These devices support USB Power Delivery protocol and can take advantage of USB-C chargers, such as Apple's own 30W USB-C Power Adapter —...