Samsung Galaxy M20 vs Asus Zenfone Max Pro (M2) vs Motorola One Power: Specs Comparison

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A several days ago, Samsung officially reported the Galaxy cameraphone with the largest battery ever: the Samsung Galaxy M20. Besides having a mammoth battery, it is In addition one of its smartphones with the best quality-value ratio, and it clearly debuted to beat the sales of Chinese companies in the exactly price tag range under $200. Given its huge battery, we think it is worth comparing it with other last-generation smartphones that come with the exact peculiarity. We are talking about the Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 and the Motorola One Power, sharing the exact same enormous battery capacity. Who will win? Let’s find it together.


If for you the priority is getting the front side with the most minimal bezels and the most modern Check, go for the Samsung Galaxy M20. It has an Infinity-V screen with a fairly compact waterdrop notch and quite thinner bezels. If you want a extra attractive rear side, you should go for the Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 since even though it is made of plastic, it is extra pretty and native. But if you are searching the best build quality, Motorola One Power is the best one as it is solid and splash resistant. Given that we are talking about midrange products made of low-cost materials, I would go for the Motorola One Power thanks to the much better build top quality. But note that Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 has a more resistant panel with the Gorilla Glass 6 protection.
Samsung galaxy m20 vs asus zenfone max pro (m2) vs motorola one power: specs comparison


The suitable screen and audio experience is the one valued by the Motorola One Power. It has a awesome LTPS panel with high brightness and wide viewing angles, and it In addition supports Dolby Audio for better audio quality, even though it has a mono speaker just like its rivals. The second place goes to the IPS panel of the Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 however there is not an abyssal difference between Those 2 panels. Samsung Galaxy M20 has a less convincing panel on the paper, however on the other hand, it offers narrower bezels.

Samsung Galaxy M20 vs Asus Zenfone Max Pro (M2) vs Motorola One Power: Specifications Comparison

Samsung galaxy m20 vs asus zenfone max pro (m2) vs motorola one power: specs comparison

Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 has the most powerful hardware side as it comes with the much better Snapdragon 660 chipset and up to 6 GB of RAM in its most costly version. Motorola One Power is powered by a fewer strong Snapdragon 636, but it ships with Android One, a stock variant of the running system updated directly by Google, what offers a very delicate user performance. Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 has stock Android too, however it is not part of the Android One program, while Samsung Galaxy M20 has somewhat lower-end hardware with a customized Android experience.


Samsung’s midrange smartphones often distinguish from the mass because of to their satisfying rear digital cameras, and in this case, it is exactly the exact. The Galaxy M20 has positive rear cameras and it is capable to shoot detailed photos in most scenarios, even though it is far from top camera phones. But, at least on the paper, Motorola One Power appears a slightly better camera smartphone. We will have to test the Galaxy M20 thoroughly to give a definitive verdict, but the phone is still not in the world in the global market, so we will have to wait for a whereas.


All these phones are focused on battery life and all of them feature an above-average 5000 mAh battery. Batteries which includes these could make you ignore the charger for at least 2 days, even with stressed usage patterns. It is not easy to quantify the battery life differences of these gadgets as they vary with the usage and we yet had with no chance to test the Samsung Galaxy M20. But, all of them are excellent battery smartphones. As for presently, I would choose the Motorola One Power because it is the only one to feature a quick charging technology that is quite major with a so massive battery.


If I had to decide one of these phones by basing on the quality-price ratio, I would definitely go for the Samsung Galaxy M20 because it costs just ?150/$170. However overall, if I do not select the value, I prefer the Motorola One Power since of Android One, its beneficial screen good quality, and its fairly nice build quality. Both the One Power and the Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 arrive with a value of about ?270/$307 what goes slightly up or down depending on the market and online street prices.

Samsung Galaxy M20 vs Asus Zenfone Max Pro (M2) vs Motorola One Power: PROs and CONS

Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2


Good battery life
Micro SD dedicated tray
Fantastic design
Improved functionality



Samsung Galaxy M20


Beneficial battery life
Higher screen-to-body ratio
Fantastic price tag
Great digital cameras


Potentially worse screen

Motorola One Power


Splash resistant
Android One
Massive battery
Good-looking cameras


Price tag


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