Samsung begins mass production of 10nm LPP chips for early 2018 phones

November 29th, 2017   decode   Android 7.1

Samsung Foundry Business has begun mass production of chips built on the second generation 10nm FinFET process. This is a refinement on the current 10nm chips offering up to 10% higher performance or 15% lower power use.

The new chips will be ready for early 2018 phones and become more and more available by the end of the year. Qualcomm picked TSMC over Samsung for the Snapdragon 845 so the first 10nm LPP chips out of the factory will likely be Exynos models as well as chipsets like the Snapdragon 670 (10nm LPP).

Samsung’s S3 foundry in Hwaseong, Korea

Samsung wants to continue…

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