Rumor claims Huawei is developing a stylus-toting Note5 competitor

September 22nd, 2015   decode   Huawei

Rumor claims huawei is developing a stylus-toting note5 competitorNext year, Samsung‘s stylus-centric Galaxy Note5 may get a real competitor. This device will apparently be made by Huawei. The Chinese company is said to be working on developing a stylus-toting phablet of its own, according to a rumor that originated at parts suppliers in China.

Huawei has reportedly searched a lot for a stylus maker that can provide it with a capacitive pen that can compete with the S Pen in the Note series. Such a company has allegedly been identified recently. Huawei’s phablet will also incorporate ‘palm rejection’ technology. This basically lets the touchscreen ignore your palm if you hold the phone with one hand while touching the display with the stylus or your other hand.

The phablet market keeps on growing, which is probably why Huawei is interested in offering such a solution for those who see the devices in this category as more than just blown-up versions of smaller flagships. In the near future, it’s estimated that phablets will reach around 35% of yearly smartphone sales.

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