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‘Plastc’ Smart Payment Card Aims to Replace Card-Stuffed Wallets

With Apple Pay's launch likely just days or perhaps weeks away, "card tech" startup Plastc today announced its plans for its new digital wallet, replacing credit cards, debit cards, RFID access cards, gift cards and more. On paper, Plastc promises to go above and beyond competitor Coin, offering an expanded set of features that are better optimized for today's new wireless mobile payment future. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy S8 pre-orders to arrive much earlier than store units

The Samsung Galaxy S8 schedule is clearing up slowly.The official March 29 unveiling is already confirmed and availability across a few markets has now been revealed. Things should really get interesting come April 7, when the handsets es expected go on pre-order in South Korea. Sources now say that will start shipping these initial early pre-orders as early as April 18. Considering, the Galaxy S8 is expected to only be available in stores on April 28, this gives a very strong incentive to pre-order. Source 1 | Source 2 | Via

Sprint starts shipping the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge on April 6

Another carrier in the United States has decided not to stick with Samsung’s official release date for the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge. T-Mobile customers who placed their pre-orders on March 27 started receiving their units as early as last week. Customers who pre-ordered Samsung’s new flagship smartphones from Sprint will start receiving them on April 6. (more…)

Honor Note 10 launch scheduled for July 31

Honor just announced on its Weibo account that the Note 10 will be unveiled in Beijing on July 31. The event will be exclusively for the Chinese market, with the global event taking place in Berlin on August 30, as we already told you yesterday. The post says to prepare for an AI flagship with big screen that will arrive in just 10 days. Size-wise the display is rumored to be AMOLED panel by Samsung with a 6.9" diagonal. According to a leaked photo from earlier this week, the Honor Note 10 is expected to have tiny bezels on top and bottom and even tinier on the sides. The phone...

Google Pixel currently going for $575 in US

If you are a Google fan in the US, and are planning to purchase the Pixel, you'll be glad to know that the device is currently available at discounted rates in the country. Specifically, an eBay retailer (never-msrp) is offering the unlocked variant for $574.99. That translates into a discount of around $75 if you compare with what the Mountain View, California-based company is officially asking for the handset: $649. The eBay listing reveals you have the option to choose from black and silver colors - blue is out of stock at the moment. No word on when the deal ends - the listing...