Review Meizu HD50, SuperLux HD668B Professional, Xiaomi Mi IV In-Ear Pro Headphones

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Hello again,

DSC_5835With excitement I’m opening my new received package, which now contains very nice headphones designed primarily for mobile devices.
Its name is Meizu HD 50 – a quality Chinese brand.
Even while unpacking unimpressive build quality and good design of the box took my interest in the content!
Another pleasant surprise for me is the compact, hard zippered pouch for storage that are headphones with all the necessary accessories:

– jacks
– Guide in English
– Pilot adapter
and a mesh pocket for additional accessories.

The material of which is made very pleasant to the touch, satin and easy to clean with a wet wipes if needed.

And then I come to the most important part – the headphones!

The first impression is for very clean and minimalist design, decorated in black and matt silver with a thin shiny accent.
The soft part of the headphones, and the speakers are made of foam and fine and soft leather with precision stitching, which makes them very comfortable to wear.
Fit well thanks to the two arms correction – length and 90 degree rotation of speakers.
not very heavy but longer (1-2 hours) use appears mild discomfort.
This model is standing right cable, 1.2 meters long, which has a handy remote with 3 buttons to control the sound and built-in microphone.
Yet the most important condition for use is sound quality.

generally they performed very well in the test, given that they are intended for more complex needs and not DJ Class.
I find them more suitable for fans of lighter music, due to lack of strong bass.

Here are some specifications:

Wearing type: On the ear
Function: Answering Phone,HiFi,Microphone,Song Switching,Voice control
Connectivity : Wired
Connecting interface: 3.5mm
Application: Aviation,Computer,DJ,Mobile phone,Portable Media Player
Plug Type: Full-sized
Frequency response: 20~20KHz
Impedance: 32ohms

You can purchase Meizu HD50 Hi-Fi from here

The next model headphones that was in the package is another Chinese brand SuperLux – HD668B Professional Studio Standard Headphones.

The description intendeds for professional use and design and size of the speakers cofrims that.
The kit includes a soft storage pouch, 1 meter Gold-plated 3.5mm plug cable and another 3 meter cable, converter jack, user manual and plastic clip to prevent accidental removal of the cable.

In this model, the cable connects to the left speaker. Fits well head by two removable padded inserts, over which passes light and thin metal frame with great extensibility.
This makes them very suitable for various forms of man head
This model headphones type Over the ears, making them extremely comfortable for many hours use, as not pressed his ear without the appearance of the annoying feeling of tightness, headache, etc.
This is possible thanks to the soft leather and the option to individually adjust the angle of their direction in and out.
The disadvantage is that there is no possibility to adjust their length.
But let me share my impression of their sound.
Expectations towards this type headphones always large and largely justifies this model.
Surely meet the definition acoustic because it allows the sound to resonate and waste sound is released in 8 open holes.

I find them suitable for different types of music, but I can share that I have a headset type in-ear, which have a more pronounced bass compared to other higher classes.
Of course this depends on the quality of the recording and playback device.
But generally perform quite satisfactorily for money, they are comfortable and not least the low price.

Wearing type: Over the ear
Function: HiFi,Noise Cancelling
Headset type: Dynamic
Connectivity : Wired
Application: Computer,DJ,Mobile phone,Portable Media Player
Plug Type: 3.5mm,Full-sized
Driver unit: 50mm
Sound channel: Two-channel (stereo)
Frequency response: 10Hz-30KHz

You can purchase SuperLux – HD668B Professional from here

Perhaps the most interesting acquisition is Xiaomi Mi IV In-Ear Headphones Pro

Believe me this size definitely deceiving.
It’s amazing the quality sound that these small headphones possess.
Xiaomi is well known with their the minimalist approach to all its products and here they did the same.
In packaging I find along with headphones and 3 pairs of S / M / L size soft silicone eartips for comfortable wearing experience.
Distinctive and different here is the solution for the design of the speakers – fitting that enter the ear are angled to improve ergonomic and sound quality.

This small detail contributes a lot to their convenience.
Colors are black and graphite.

Another advantage I found is knitted cover the cable, making it resistant to tearing and breaking.
For more convenience is placed remote 3-button control and built-in sensitive SNR 58dB microphone.

And all this to get to the biggest surprise for me – the sound quality!

first of all I think it is important to clarify that tested it on different devices but using on the Xiaomi ones it unlocks more sound effects.
This is hardly a surprise for all who use Xiaomi products.
But even with other brands of phones, these small headphones deserve attention.
Incredibly, they have more clear bass from some professional acoustic headphones.
Contemporary, modern design with quality sound.

Wearing type: In-Ear
Headset type: Dynamic
Connectivity : Wired
Connecting interface: 3.5mm
Application: Computer,DJ,Mobile phone,Portable Media Player
Plug Type: Full-sized
Frequency response: 20~20KHz
Impedance: 32ohms

You can purchase Xiaomi Mi IV In-Ear Headphones Pro from here

In conclusion I can say all headsets are are good for different needs.
But my favorite is Xiaomi Mi IV In-Ear Headphones Pro
On second place is Meizu HD50 Hi-Fi
And the last position is for SuperLux – HD668B Professional

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